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  1. Philishave was developed by Professor Alexandre Horowitz (1904 - 1982) and the first product was manufactured on March 9,1939.


  1. It's a translucent case with the Philishave logo on the top.
  2. He said this combination had always represented a Philishave to him.
  3. He said in his witness statement that he uses a Philishave he bought in 1995.
  4. The production of the 100 millionth Philishave was celebrated in 1970 while 1984 saw the manufacture of the 200 millionth shaver.
  5. He had seen this symbol many times before on advertisements and on Philishave packaging and always associated it with Philishave.


  1. If he wanted to be extra sure, he would look for the names Philips or Philishave on the shaver or the packaging.
  2. If he wanted more confirmation he would look for the words Philips or Philishave on the shaver or the box and finally he would look for the Philips shield.
  3. He would recognise the distinctive shape of any Philishave on display but would not buy without first getting advice as to the best model.


  1. In 1951, Philips introduced the Philishave two-headed rotary shaver, marketed in the USA under the Norelco name.
  2. He has used a three-headed rotary Philishave for decades.
  3. He has used a two-headed Philishave HQ482 rotary shaver since 1996.


  1. Mr Hoskin was shown a box for a Philishave.
  2. He was shown a picture of the 452 mark and instantly recognised it as a Philishave head.


  1. Electric shavers and shaver parts for Braun, Philishave, Remington, and Payer. (Web site)
  2. This site is dedicated to a great product from the Netherlands: the Philishave electric shaver.
  3. He bought his current shaver from an Argos store in 1998 after considering the Philishave range in an Argos catalogue.
  4. One such page of publicity material showed pictures of shavers under the headline "The Philishave Winning Formula".


  1. Philips produces the Philishave, a dry shaver which is based on the Philips-invented rotary shaving technique. (Web site)
  2. In recent years, Philips has extended the Philishave brand to include hair clippers, beard trimmers and beard shapers.
  3. He would not even look for the name Philips or Philishave.
  4. People recognise the shape of our three-headed Philishave as Philips and can be confused by identical products in the market. (Web site)
  5. He also agreed that, once he had seen the name Philips or Philishave on a shaver box, he would not need any more help to know who had made the shaver.


  1. He said the curved pattern around the heads had been pointed out to him, which he said was also on Philishave shaving heads.
  2. He had been told it was called a "cloverleaf" but said he simply recognised the shape in the drawing as a whole as depicting a three-headed Philishave.
  3. He said "I had not thought to mention this, but from my experience this feature is standard on all Philishave faceplates and has been for many years.


  1. In 1939 they introduced their electric razor, the Philishave (marketed in the USA using the Norelco brand name).
  2. Features advanced Philishave shaving tachnology & NIVEA for Men Shaving Lotion for smoother shave.
  3. Norelco is the brand name used in the USA only instead of Philishave for Philips DAP's men's personal care appliances.
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