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  1. However, placentas are relatively common specimens and are not examined primarily by specialists in the field, but by general pathologists.


  1. Although expensive, this human collagen, derived from donor cadavers, placentas and aborted fetuses, may minimize the possibility of immune reactions.


  1. For this reason, if one should ever have a bitch that aborts or has stillborn pups, the dead pups, membranes, placentas, etc.


  1. The largest roundworm, Placentonema gigantisma, is a parasite found in the placentas of sperm whales which can reach up to 9 m in length.
  2. Placentas also block the potential immune response of the mother against the developing fetus. (Web site)
  3. Pyometra Bacterial infection of the uterus sometimes contracted through breeding, spontaneous abortion, and retained placentas. (Web site)


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