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  1. Point break is simply the best action film ever made.
  2. Point Break is a great movie.
  3. Point Break was already remade as the Fast and the Furious.
  4. Point Break is one of those films that everybody loves, but that nobody actually talks about all that often.
  5. Point Break is the epitome of a guilty pleasure: to dumb to defend rationally but with action sequences too cool to dismiss totally.

Point Break

  1. Brice also gets inspired from Point Break in order to rob a bank with the help of a Jacques Chirac mask.
  2. He is shown watching Point Break several times during the film, and knows every line by heart.
  3. The Asian film Fulltime Killer also references Point Break when one of the main characters wears a Clinton Mask in a video store.
  4. Note that at the time Point Break was released, Bill Clinton had yet to be elected President of the United States which came a year later.
  5. Point Break has been widely considered to be the ultimate surfer-movie.


  1. In the French film Brice de Nice certain scenes are part spoof of and part homage to Point Break.
  2. Point Break's Ex-Presidents were parodied in the 2005 film Domino with a group of thieves dressed as and known as The First Ladies.
  3. Inspiration from Point Break See also the ex-presidents.


  1. The title refers to the surfing term point break.
  2. The girl comments on it and the movie Point Break (in which the movie poster is in the background) and wonders who is under the mask.
  3. At the conclusion of Point Break, after months of pursuit, Utah encounters Bodhi on an Australian beach in midst of an immense storm.
  4. However, Dennis taking me to Cannon Beach in Oregon in a storm, and having it look so much as it did in Point Break was a giddy high.


  1. While it can accurately be described as an action film, a heist movie, or even simply a thriller, Point Break is also the first "extreme sports" movie.
  2. Point Break also proved to be a warm-up for Keanu Reeves who would become a full-fledged action hero with Speed a few years later.
  3. Like Point Break, Deleuze theorizes this fluid process of subjectification when he says that "surfing has taken over from all the old sports" (Deleuze 180).


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