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  1. Polish crown jewels were hidden at the castle from the Swedish troops between 1655--1661.
  2. The Polish crown jewels were deposited here from 1655 to 1661, during the Swedish invasion of Poland.


  1. It is the last surviving part of the Polish Crown Jewels - the crown and other items were lost during numerous wars in the past.


  1. Abstract: The author's aim was to study the role of jewels, especially the Polish Crown Jewels, and the history of the so-called Muscovite Crown.

Substantial Part

  1. Louis, so it is said, consoled himself by making off with a substantial part of the Polish Crown Jewels.

Polish Crown Jewels

  1. Only survived original part of Polish Crown Jewels from times of Piast dynasty is ceremonial sword - Szczerbiec. (Web site)
  2. The only surviving part of the Polish Crown Jewels is the from times of the Piast dynasty, namely, the coronation sword known as the Szczerbiec. (Web site)
  3. During the Swedish wars the Polish crown jewels were successfully hidden in the castle.


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