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  1. Political cartoonists are not accustomed to popularity.
  2. Political cartoonists are generally a kind lot — except for Paul Conrad, he's a bona fide prick — and many of them are my friends.


  1. Overall, you would simply have to say that political cartoonists are preaching to the choir, not least because of the newspapers they are working for.


  1. Most political cartoonists in the dailies employ this device of visual humor.

Political Cartoonists

  1. Political cartoonists used Billy Yank and his Confederate counterpart Johnny Rebel to symbolize the combatants in the American Civil War of the 1860s.
  2. Today there are more political cartoonists employed by British newspapers and periodicals than ever before.
  3. Readers usually see only one editorial cartoon in their daily newspaper and have to wander onto the internet to see what the political cartoonists are doing.


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