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  1. A Positional_voting_system is a voting method that selects a winner based on information about voters' preference rankings.

Positional Voting System

  1. A class of similar methods is called positional_voting_system s.
  2. It has been proven a voting system is consistent if and only if it is a positional_voting_system.
  3. While IRV is used in that only uses a positional_voting_system.


  1. Saari created geometric models of positional_voting_system s, and uses these models to promote the use of the Borda count.
  2. The Borda count is classified as a positional_voting_system because each rank on the ballot is worth a certain number of points.
  3. Because, from each voter, candidates receive a certain number of points, the Borda count is also classified as a positional_voting_system.
  4. Borda is a positional_voting_system and, as a result, takes a list of ranked candidates and assigns points to each candidates based on their order. (Web site)
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