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Class Time

  1. Class time and practice time: All group skating lessons are one-half hour class time and one-half hour practice time.

Race Time

  1. The practice time let the team know they had a car capable of coursing the turns of the flat, one-mile oval of PIR for race time.


  1. Instead of using the practice time to prep the race trim of their cars, these teams spent much of the allotted time making repairs in the garage area.


  1. If Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick need more practice in order to compete on Sundays, then they should petition NASCAR for more practice time.

Practice Time

  1. Harvick drove a backup car and didn’t have any practice time in the car, but nonetheless found himself in the right place at the right time.
  2. Team USA lost to Puerto Rico in the Olympics not because of a lack of talent or a lack of practice time.
  3. On lap 25 NASCAR issued a competition caution due to the lack of practice time the teams had on the tires.


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