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  1. As a practice Yoga is a kind of purification as to reach liberation of obscuring qualities present within mind and body.
  2. Men who practice yoga are called yogi or yogin and women who practice yoga are called yogini.
  3. As people practice yoga, a higher level of connection with the infinite Oneness will occur.

Doing Yoga

  1. Betty has been doing Yoga since 1993 and feels that she has many more wonderful years ahead to practice Yoga.

First Top

  1. He was the first top rated boxer to practice yoga, and reportedly did headstands in the dressing room before his title bout with Joe Louis.

Hatha Yoga

  1. To those who practice yoga, hatha yoga is like the tortoise that supports the world.


  1. Ashtanga Yoga is an important resource for anyone who wishes to practice yoga.


  1. It emphasizes that even a common householder can practice yoga and benefit from it. (Web site)


  1. In addition to the physical benefits, many people who practice yoga say that it reduces anxiety and stress and improves mental clarity. (Web site)


  1. A.It is good to wait two to three hours after eating before you practice yoga and meditation.


  1. Within Buddhism one can practice Yoga and meditation, which are considered by Buddhists to be ways of purifying the mind and soul. (Web site)
  2. If you have just developed your mind to practice yoga then first you should take some advice from yoga experts or join yoga classes.


  1. The results you will gain from regular practice, of three to four Yoga classes per week, will be extraordinary, especially, if you practice Yoga for years.
  2. When you practice yoga, it is, of course, not necessary to have a full understanding of yoga history in order to fully benefit from your practice.

Divine Life

  1. To this end Swami Sivananda toured India extensively, inspiring people to practice yoga and lead a divine life. (Web site)

Practice Yoga

  1. Yogacara means to practice yoga, or in other words, to practice meditation, stilling the mind, searching inwards so as to acquire self-realization. (Web site)
  2. Practice Yoga, Religion and Philosophy in daily life and attain Self-realization. (Web site)


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