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  1. Prime is the blood side priming volume of the system (ml).
  2. Prime is the blood-side priming volume (ml), same as in Eq (17).
  3. Prime was victorious, but Megatron implemented a cheat code, allowing him to re-enter the game.
  4. Prime is well positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of electronic commerce and all other potentially profitable opportunities.
  5. Prime was destroyed, and Megatron's elation soon turned into paranoia, as he had not killed Prime with his own hands, and believed he could still be alive.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

  1. In 1986, at age 28, he was appointed to the Cabinet of then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as Minister of State for Youth.
  2. Choosing a judge appointed by prime minister Brian Mulroney to chair an inquiry into the behaviour of former prime minister Brian Mulroney is not ideal.
  3. Jackman was appointed Lieutenant Governor by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1991 and became a Member of the Order of Canada the same year.

Female Prime Minister

  1. She is the country's first elected female prime minister and the first Labour leader to serve three terms in office since 1949.
  2. File:Thatcher reviews troops.jpg Margaret Thatcher the only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom resigned in November 1990 after 11 years in power.
  3. Even as a minister, Mrs Thatcher proclaimed that Britain would never have a female prime minister.

First Prime Minister

  1. Predecessors Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, leader of the Liberal-Conservative Party, one of the party's predecessors.
  2. The office of Prime Minister of Ceylon was created in advance of independence on 14 October 1947, Don Stephen Senanayake being the first prime minister.
  3. In December 1989 V P Singh of that coalition's successor, the Janata Dal, became the first prime minister of that party.

Deputy Prime Minister

  1. Peters became Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer (senior to the Minister of Finance), the latter post created especially for him.
  2. In June 1959, De Valera, at the age of 77, was elected president, and Sen Francis Lemass (1899-1971), deputy prime minister, became prime minister.
  3. Under the coalition agreement, Peters became Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and had the post of Treasurer especially invented for him.

Former Prime Ministers

  1. After exiting office, former prime ministers of Canada have engaged in various pursuits.
  2. The service was attended by New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and two former prime ministers.
  3. Turner along with other former Prime Ministers has taken part in the reality series The Next Great Prime Minister.

Former Prime Minister

  1. Hon. Brian Mulroney, the former prime minister of Canada and the new chairman of Forbes ' Global Business & Finance.
  2. First, I would like to thank the former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, who, at the suggestion of Robert Bourassa, appointed me to the Senate.
  3. David Lange, a former Prime Minister of New Zealand, said he and other ministers were told very little about the operations of GCSB while they were in power.

Future Prime Minister

  1. Peterson remained personally popular during his time in power, and some spoke of him as a future Prime Minister of Canada.
  2. It is unlikely that any future prime minister will agree to such a candid, intimate record of his time in office.
  3. With the election of the Fourth Labour government in the 'snap' election of July 1984, the political career of the future Prime Minister took off.

South Africa

  1. The Union of South Africa was created on 31 May 1910, eight years after the end of the Second Boer War, with Louis Botha as the first prime minister.
  2. The former prime minister moved to Cape Town, South Africa two years ago and took up residence in a community of Rhodesian expatriates.
  3. In South Africa, several thousand members of the Ossewabrandwag, including a future prime minister, John Vorster, were interned for antiwar activities.

February 2007

  1. In February 2007, Shetty attended a reception at the House of Commons by invitation of Keith Vaz MP to meet with then Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  2. In February 2007, she became the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to be honoured with a statue in the House of Commons while still alive.
  3. In February 2007 De Winne was assigned as Expedition-16 back-up crew member and commenced training with Leo Eyharts, prime for Expedition-16.


  1. By February of 1993, Mulroney announced his retirement as leader of the Progressive Conservatives and as Prime Minister.
  2. He announced his retirement from politics in February and was replaced as Prime Minister by Minister of National Defence (Canada) Kim Campbell in June.
  3. The factory, owning a prime property in the Kozhikode city, had come to a complete halt on February 1 this year.


  1. As prime minister he had to deal with corruption scandals within his party, an earthquake in southern Italy and a renewed bout of leftwing terrorism.
  2. New Zealand was a bit slower to deal with it, and it wasn't until 2002 that Prime Minister Helen Clark apologised for the appalling tragedy.
  3. Losses to boxers who would not be good enough to spar with Tyson when he was in his prime, Danny Williams (KO 4) and Kevin McBride (TKO 6) sealed the deal.


  1. Frederik Stang (4 March 1808, Stokke - 1884) was a Norwegian lawyer, public servant, and politician who served as Norway 's first prime minister.
  2. However, whenever a politician seeks to take the initiative in diplomacy, he or she is undermined by MoFA. The case of Suzuki Muneo is a prime example.
  3. Carl Theodor Zahle (1866 - 1946), Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909 - 1910, 1913 - 1920.


  1. On September 20, 2006, Shinzo Abe was elected to succeed Koizumi as president of the LDP. Abe succeeded Koizumi as prime minister on September 26, 2006.
  2. Ion Gigurtu (1886 - 1959) was a Romanian politician that served as a Prime Minister of Romania in 1940 between 4 July and 4 September.
  3. September 24 - Labour Party Conferences in Bournemouth at which Gordon Brown addresses delegates for the first time as Prime Minister.

Central Government

  1. In many cases, the central government is (in theory) a creation of the regional governments; a prime example is the United States.


  1. As Prime Minister, Indira carefully used every tool available at her disposal to consolidate her power and authority.
  2. Hugh Whistler was in his prime and had become the recognised authority on everything connected with birds in India.
  3. Prowl's ideas were popular for a time until Optimus Prime decisively re-asserted his authority and ruled against the use of the Creation Matrix 'to destroy'.


  1. In June 2004, Martin was reelected prime minister, but the Liberal Party lost its majority in parliament, which it had dominated for 11 years.
  2. When Martin became Prime Minister in late 2003, he appointed Murphy as his chief of staff.
  3. John Manley: Considered another strong contender, the former deputy prime minister and finance minister once ran against Martin for the party leadership.


  1. In 1998 the Labour Party lost a parliamentary vote, leading the Prime Minister to call an early election.
  2. THE PRESIDENT: There is no question he is what we would call a prime suspect.
  3. Elections are held at least every 4 years, but the prime minister can dissolve the Folketing at any time and call for new elections.


  1. In mathematics, Brown–Peterson cohomology is a generalized cohomology theory introduced by Brown & Peterson (1966), depending on a choice of prime p.
  2. Buy "choice" or "select" grades of beef instead of "prime".
  3. As Harper's personal numbers rose, polls found he was now considered not only more trustworthy, but a better choice for Prime Minister than Martin.


  1. Over time, the role of the Prime Minister of Canada has evolved, mainly gaining power over the years.
  2. His role on Prisoners of Conscience Committee as the Minister of Culture is a prime example of said work.
  3. In 1949, with the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Zhou assumed the role of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Prime Crew

  1. The backup crew of Tom Stafford and Eugene Cernan was moved up to become the new prime crew of Gemini 9.
  2. The backup crew trained to take the place of the prime crew in case of illness or death.
  3. This was an eight-day mission, longer than any spaceflight up until that time, with a prime crew of Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad.


  1. It also removed Collins from the crew of Apollo 8 and moved Jim Lovell up to the prime crew.
  2. When NASA created the Apollo 8 mission both prime and back-up crews were switched.
  3. Apollo 13 crew arrive on prime recovery ship U.S.S. Iwo Jima following splashdown and recovery operations in the South Pacific.


  1. For quite some time he remained there weeping as only an aged father who has lost a son, in his prime of youth, in such tragic circumstances, can weep.
  2. It was appearing as if a dead body of an only son, dead in the prime of youth, was being taken out of a house for the last rites.
  3. Video games, like rock and roll music in its prime are scolded by politicians and parents but loved by the youth of the nation.

First Time

  1. It was the first time a Prime Minister lost office in this way in the Solomon Islands.
  2. In 1997, when Blair led Labour to power for the first time since 1979, he became the youngest prime minister since William Pitt the younger (1783).
  3. Here he was teamed up for the first time with the famed Billy Gonsalves, "The Babe Ruth of American Soccer" who was just coming into his prime.


  1. His decision was received with regret by the Prime Ministers of Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but obvious delight from South Africa's critics.
  2. New Zealand self-excluded from the federation of Australia, resulting in Richard Seddon being the first Prime Minister of New Zealand.
  3. He served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the rural-based National Party of Australia from July 1999 to July 2005.


  1. Miraj Khalid (1916 - 2003) was Interim prime minister of Pakistan in 1996 and 1997.
  2. March 18 - Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is sentenced to death by hanging for ordering the assassination of a political opponent.
  3. Pakistan is a prime example of a failed U.S foreign policy.


  1. A prime example of this is the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan, which, after decades of civil war and occupation, has regions of rubble and desolation.
  2. April 14: Prime Minister Paul Martin announces extension to deployment of current soldiers in Afghanistan until summer 2005.
  3. The prime minister, John Howard, is a staunch U.S. ally in both Afghanistan and Iraq.


  1. It resulted in the defeat of Liberal Party of Canada after 11 years in power under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
  2. Far past his prime, Ali had two more fights and both ended in defeat.
  3. Optimus Prime and Megatron each appear as the boss you must defeat to win the game.


  1. Located in the prime area of Harrogate, the Royal Spa town of the north of England.
  2. Chris Liebing is a techno producer and DJ that releases on music labels such as CLR, Clretry, CLAU, Stigmata and Soap (distributed by Prime in England).
  3. Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee (1883-1967), was prime minister of England from 1945 to 1951.


  1. Rabin was elected Chairman of the Party in February 1992, and in the June 1992 national elections he was elected Prime Minister.
  2. The company also said it would recommend former prime minister Brian Mulroney be appointed chairman of printing subsidiary Quebecor World Inc.
  3. The building became the official seat of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (the Prime Minister) and of the Council of Ministers itself.


  1. In 1981 when Ken Norton was past his prime, he retired after getting knocked out in one round by Gerry Cooney.
  2. After he retired he continued to make a strong impact, as a TV commentator, but died suddenly in the prime of his life.
  3. Pearson remained prime minister until 1968, when he retired and was replaced by a former law professor, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


  1. Emperor Go-Daigo became emperor at the age of 31, in the prime of his life.
  2. Despite his age, less-than-chiseled physique, and being past his prime as a "main-eventer," Flair is still a capable performer.
  3. He retired at the age of 30 while still in his prime.


  1. His death, at the prime of his career, shocked family, friends, music lovers and the Rasta faithful.
  2. Out of shape and possibly past his prime, his career saw a resurgence when he signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Blues before the 1995–96 campaign.
  3. But Gabriela Szabo is a true champion, a two-time world champion for Romania and at 25, in the prime of her running career.


  1. The Bedout High, located on the northwestern continental margin of Australia, has emerged as a prime candidate for an end-Permian impact structure.
  2. David Trimble is a prime candidate for a seat in the Upper House.
  3. A prime example would be "Candidate for Crime" when Columbo points out the inconsistency in the time of death of the victim.

Prime Order

  1. Because the Schnorr group is of prime order, it has no non-trivial subgroups, thwarting small subgroup attacks.
  2. Therefore every finite simple group has even order unless it is cyclic of prime order.
  3. In Elliptic-Curve Cryptography, very large groups of prime order are constructed by defining elliptic curves over finite fields.


  1. It is easy to see that the non-trivial elements must in fact be of prime order, so every elementary abelian group is a -group for some prime.
  2. The given group is an internal (restricted) direct product of copies of a cyclic group of prime order, or of the group of rational numbers.
  3. Throughout this section, will be a finite-dimensional vector space over a finite field of prime order.


  1. Sideswipe and the other lost Autobots were later found by Optimus Prime who used the Matrix to revive them.
  2. At one point in "More Than Meets The Eye", Prime even borrows that rocket backpack from Sideswipe to attempt to chase the Decepticon ship.


  1. The time would come when the Prime Minister of Italy would be the Grand Master of the Italian Masons, Crispi, and the mayor of Rome would be Nathan, a Jew.
  2. This led to his nomination as President of the Council of Ministers, as the position of Prime Minister is usually called in Italy.
  3. October 28 - In Italy, with the March on Rome, Fascism obtains power and Benito Mussolini becomes prime minister.

Number Theory

  1. Analytic number theory is the branch of number theory which uses real and complex analysis to investigate various properties of integers and prime numbers.
  2. In number theory, the prime number theorem (PNT) describes the approximate, asymptotic distribution of the prime numbers.
  3. Properties of the natural numbers related to divisibility, such as the distribution of prime numbers, are studied in number theory.


  1. The study of prime numbers is part of number theory, the branch of mathematics which encompasses the study of natural numbers.
  2. In mathematics, the Sieve of Eratosthenes is a simple, ancient algorithm for finding all prime numbers up to a specified integer.
  3. In mathematics, the RSA numbers are a set of large semiprimes (numbers with exactly two prime factors) that are part of the RSA Factoring Challenge.


  1. Aragorn was aged 87 at that time, nearing the prime of life for one of royal Númenórean descent.
  2. The book was released on September 10, 2007 and outlines Mulroney's version of events during his early life, political career and time as prime minister.
  3. About the same time, May, 1914, Nathan Soederblom, a prime mover of the later Life and Work movement, was elected Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden.


  1. Important Persons Sleyman Demirel, former prime minister and president of Turkey, was born in the village Islamky close to Isparta.
  2. Offers pork, lamb, veal, turkey, caviar, salmon, and prime and Wagyu beef.
  3. During his prime ministership of Turkey, Nejmettin Erbakan held up a gold dinar in the mosque and declared it to be the currency of the Muslims.


  1. Al-Khabir is the prime suspect in several lethal bombings in Iraq, including the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad in August 2003.
  2. The next prime minister will lead a government that presumably will be in power when the U.S. completes its scheduled troop withdrawal from Iraq next year.
  3. The topic was whether Maliki is the only choice for Iraq, and political pundits were debating whether the prime minister should step down.


  1. His daughter Indira Gandhi would become Prime Minister within two years of his death in 1966, and would serve for 15 years and 3 terms.
  2. In September 1979, Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Hafizullah Amin seized power after a palace shootout that resulted in the death of President Taraki.
  3. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the death could be a turning point for peace if the Palestinians "ceased terrorism" and waged a "war on terror".


  1. As our Queen does not live in Canada, she appoints, under the advice of our Prime Minister, a Governor General to represent her authority in Canada.
  2. The Governor General of Canada is appointed by the Queen of Canada on the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister.
  3. However the British Prime Minister at the time, Lord Melbourne, advised the Queen against granting her husband the title of " King Consort ".

Current Prime Minister

  1. Stephen Joseph Harper (born April 30, 1959) is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
  2. The current prime minister of Italy is Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission, and leader of the center-left coalition, The Union.
  3. This is a varying role as the current prime minister may or may not choose to even have a deputy prime minister.


  1. It participates in the current Norwegian government and its leader, Jens Stoltenberg, is the current Prime Minister of Norway.
  2. After the viceroy position had been vacant for some time, the post of prime minister for Norway was instituted in 1873, and Frederik Stang was appointed.
  3. Some time during the summer of 1942 Næss was called for a meeting with Johan Ludwig Mowinckel, former prime minister of Norway.


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