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Human Soul

  1. Herakleides adopted fully the Pythagorean and Platonic views of the human soul, its faculties and its capabilities. (Web site)

First Developed

  1. The absence of zero may suggest that the Pythagorean who first developed the duality between numbers and letters were not aware of the zero notion.


  1. On the question of the soul he is by turns Platonic and Pythagorean, while he confesses that the Stoic and Epicurean systems have each an attraction for him. (Web site)


  1. Contributions by the Pythagorean s include Various theorems about triangles, parallel lines, polygons, circles, spheres and regular polyhedra.

Square Root

  1. To compensate, we simply divide this Pythagorean distance result by the square root of the dimension.


  1. Two types of special right triangles appear commonly in geometry, the "angle based" and the "side based" (or Pythagorean) triangles.
  2. From Pythagoras to Plato, himself a Pythagorean, the five regular polyhedra were discovered by the ancient Greeks.
  3. In ancient times the Pythagorean s believed that there was a harmony between the regular polyhedra and the orbits of the planet s.


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