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Printed Circuit Board

  1. Specialist in printed_circuit_board design and electronic prototyping.
  2. Electronic contract manufacturing and low volume electronic assembly, including printed_circuit_board design and layout.
  3. Offering electronic manufacturing services, such as rapid prototyping, printed_circuit_board stuffing and semiconductor die assembly.
  4. Electronic contract manufacturing services in Marylan - printed_circuit_board design, PCB cable and box assembly.
  5. UK. - Cable assemblies including custom molded cables, printed_circuit_board assemblies and turn-key build and test of products. (Web site)


  1. SAGE Assembly - Contract manufacturer for thru-hole and surface mount printed_circuit_board assemblies. (Web site)
  2. Prototron Circuits is the leading prototype and quick-turn printed_circuit_board manufacturer providing time to market solutions. (Web site)

Contract Manufacturing

  1. Manufacturer's representative for contract manufacturing, printed_circuit_board assemblies and fabrications, cables and harnesses, and sheet metal.
  2. Contract manufacturing and assembly specialising in custom built products, transformers, printed_circuit_board assembly, solenoid coils and coil windings.

Box Build

  1. Specializes in printed_circuit_board assembly and rework, box builds, and custom cables and harnesses.
  2. Telan Corporation - Printed_circuit_board and box build to IPC 610-b specifications. (Web site)

Electronics Manufacturing

  1. ETL Ltd. - Manufacturing for printed_circuit_board assembly, wiring, cable forming, and automated surface mount and through hole assembly. (Web site)
  2. Provider of electronics manufacturing and printed_circuit_board and subassembly product turnkey assembly services.
  3. Contract electronics manufacturing for over 35 years; prototype assembly, printed_circuit_board design and manufacturing, printed_circuit_board asemblies.

Assembly Services

  1. Provides printed_circuit_board design, fabrication and assembly services for the electronics industry.
  2. Provider of full turnkey contract manufacturing, design engineering and product testing and printed_circuit_board testing and assembly services.
  3. SMC, Inc. Provider of printed_circuit_board turnkey assembly services.

Pcb Assembly

  1. Printed_circuit_board and low- to high-volume product assembly.
  2. Specialized in printed_circuit_board and electro-mechanical assembly. (Web site)
  3. Contract manufacturer & service for printed_circuit_board (PCB) assembly using thru-hole & SMT technology.
  4. We build SMT, BGA, multi-layer and through-hole circuits, final assembly and printed_circuit_board testing and design.
  5. Find low cost printed_circuit_board PCB boards, PCB prototyping & PCB assembly & OEM services at Goldphoenix. (Web site)

Printed Circuit Board Design

  1. Offers printed_circuit_board design and assembly including surface-mount and flex circuits.
  2. Printed circuit boards and complete system assembly and test, procurement and materials management, and printed_circuit_board design consultation.
  3. Provider of printed_circuit_board design and manufacturing and laser photoplotting services.

Build Services

  1. SMTC - Printed_circuit_board assembly and full system level contract build services. (Web site)
  2. Provides total turnkey production and box build services featuring surface mount, pin through hole printed_circuit_board, and wire harness cable assembly.
  3. Anaheim, CA, USA. Nexlogic Technologies - Printed_circuit_board (PCB) design, layout, manufacturing, assembling and test. (Web site)
  4. Prototron a the quick turn printed_circuit_board manufacturer specializing in protype PCM's to medium volume production.


  1. Services include printed_circuit_board, metal, and plastics fabrication. (Web site)
  2. Provides semiconductor burn-in and test solutions as well as printed_circuit_board design and fabrication.

Design Services

  1. Offers printed_circuit_board and mechanical assembly, molding, die casting, and machining services.
  2. ZoZo Engineering - Printed_circuit_board and other electronic design services.
  3. Provider of custom electronic and mechanical design services specializing in printed_circuit_board design.


  1. Debron Industrial Electronics - Turnkey electronic assembly of ball gate array, fine pitch, surface mount, and thru hole printed_circuit_board technologies. (Web site)
  2. Quickturn and prototype to medium production of surface mount, mixed, or through hole printed_circuit_board assembly, plus testing and packaging.
  3. Electronic equipment and wound components manufacturer including printed_circuit_board assemblies, transformers, toroids and coils.
  4. A drum-shaped detenting cover has printed circuitry on its inner cylindrical surface, typically in the form of a flexible printed_circuit_board.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

  1. Intercole Group - Printed_circuit_board manufacturing, parts procurement, assembly, and testing. (Web site)
  2. Products are sold to the printed_circuit_board industry.
  3. Newgrange Design - Printed_circuit_board design service bureau.
  4. Twin Industries & Hunter Technology - Printed_circuit_board assembly and manufacturing specialists.
  5. AP Circuits in Alberta Canada provides low-cost printed_circuit_board manufacturing. (Web site)

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

  1. Offshore Electronics - Printed_circuit_board assembly in computer-controlled 20,000 sq foot factory. (Web site)
  2. Deltron Limited - Design and manufacture of printed_circuit_board assemblies for leading Indian and international companies.
  3. Offers printed_circuit_board assembly, MIL SPEC cables, assemblies and electronic packaging and test systems.


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