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  1. The Queen Elizabeth Islands are a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean north of Canada and west of Greenland.

Queen Elizabeth Islands

  1. Borden Island is an uninhabited, low-lying island in the Queen Elizabeth Islands of northern Canada with an area of 2795 square kilometres. (Web site)
  2. Eglinton Island is located in the far western regions of the Canadian Arctic, at the southwestern corner of the Queen Elizabeth Islands group.
  3. The decline of the population by 89% on the western Queen Elizabeth Islands between 1961 and 1974 has continued until at least 1977. (Web site)
  4. Devon Island is among the largest members of the Arctic Archipelago, forming part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands group.
  5. Situated at the southwestern corner of the Queen Elizabeth Islands group, Prince Patrick Island is the westernmost island of the Arctic Archipelago.
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