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  1. Rajendra Chola I was killed in 1052AD, in battle against his old foes the Chalukyas.

Rajendra Chola I

  1. The influence of Thanjavur began to diminish when Rajendra Chola I built a new city named Gangaikonda Cholapuram and moved his capital there.
  2. Rajendra Chola I completed the conquest of the island of Sri Lanka and captured the Sinhala king Mahinda V prisoner.


  1. Rajendra Chola I made his son Rajadhiraja Chola co-regent very early in his reign (1018).
  2. Kulothunga married Madurantakai, the daughter of Rajendra Chola I long before he ascended the Chola throne.
  3. The greatest kings among the Medieval Cholas were Rajaraja Chola I (reigned 985-1014) and his son Rajendra Chola I (reigned 1014-42).
  4. Rajendra Chola I, the son of Rajaraja Chola I, the great Chola king of South India, succeeded his father in 1014 C.E. as the Chola emperor.
  5. At first, in the reigns of Rajaraja (985-1013) and his successor Rajendra Chola I (IOII-33), the pandyas appear to have borne the Chola yoke quietly enough.
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