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  1. Reactance is denoted by the symbol X and is measured in ohms.
  2. Inductive reactance is proportional to the signal frequency and the inductance.


  1. The SI unit of reactance is the ohm.


  1. Here, the dipole water molecules increase the reactance (impedance) and lower the permittivity of the air as humidity rises in the localized parcel of air.


  1. The network has only one link 109 joining both nodes 101, 105 with an impedance: Z=R+j X (j complex unit, R Reactance, X inductance).


  1. What this means is that reactance in ohms for any inductor is directly proportional to the frequency of the alternating current.
  2. Impeditivity is the sum of a real component, the resistivity, and an imaginary component, the reactivity (reactance) [1].
  3. Both the magnitude and the phase of the impedance depend on both the resistance and the reactance.


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