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  1. The defendant filed post-judgment motions for judgment as a matter of law, or for a new trial, or for a remittitur of the punitive award.


  1. Wollersheim reset his motion after the remittitur was issued and the opinion of the Court of Appeal became final.
  2. Furthermore, no motion was made for a new trial or for remittitur.


  1. Ten days later, without holding a hearing on remittitur, the court denied all of the defendant's post-judgment motions.
  2. The day before that hearing, however, the court informed the parties that it would postpone hearing the motion for remittitur.
  3. Moreover, the state's high court held that the lower court erred by not holding a hearing on the motion for remittitur.


  1. A new trial on damages therefore is necessary unless Rebecca DiSorbo chooses to accept a reduced damages award, a process referred to as remittitur.

Trial Court

  1. Upon remittitur to the circuit court, Tietsworth moved the trial court to reopen the matter pursuant to sec.


  1. Thirteen days later, the Court of Appeals issued the remittitur which was received by and filed in the clerk's office of the trial court on March 22, 1990.
  2. Remittitur The reduction by a judge of the damages awarded by a jury.
  3. The defendant also requested a hearing on its motion for remittitur under Hammond v.


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