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  1. A rheid is a material which when below its melting point will deform 1000 times more that under elastic deformation for the same conditions.


  1. In geology, solid Earth materials that exhibit viscous flow over long time scales are known as rheid s.
  2. In geology, a rheid is a solid material that deforms by viscous flow.
  3. Halite, the mineral form of salt, is a geological material that behaves as a rheid over relatively short time periods.
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  1. To be considered a rheid, deformation by flow should exceed elastic deformation by at least a factor of three.
  2. The similar term "diapir" from dia-peirein, "to pierce through" is reserved for a piercement in which rheid flow is important.


  1. Since the mantle is known to be solid (it supports the propagation of shear waves), it must be behaving as a rheid.
  2. At the temperature and pressure of the mantle, rocks are sufficiently rheid that convection currents can be maintained.
  3. Types of rheids Almost any type of rock can behave as a rheid under appropriate conditions of temperature and pressure.
  4. It uses material from the "Rheid".


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