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  1. Rhian Benson is one who will keep you wanting more.
  2. Rhian Benson is a singer and songwriter.
  3. Rhian Benson is a vocalist who is marketed to the smooth jazz audience much like Sade is.
  4. Rhian Benson is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer.
  5. Rhian Benson: The "Say How I Feel" scenario was very real, and I too had a serious lack of game at the time.

Rhian Benson

  1. Rhian Benson is enigmatic -- enigmatic because she defies categorization; enigmatic because her life and her music are framed by paradox.
  2. In a joint venture with DKG Music, Top Sail Productions released "Gold Coast", the debut album by an amazing new artist, Rhian Benson.
  3. Rhian Benson:Yes, I was still writing for myself.
  4. Rhian Benson: "Young Girl" is specifically about my mother.
  5. But Rhian Benson is a beautiful, exotic face on the Soul bandwagon.
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