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  1. Rhinegraves are a form of breeches which were popular from the early 1660s until the mid 1670s in Western Europe.


  1. Alongside the petticoat breeches, a collected but still loose fitted breeches called rhinegraves, were also worn.
  2. Rhinegraves, full, gathered breeches popular from the early 1660s until the mid 1670s, often worn with an overskirt over them. (Web site)
  3. The hat has a broad brim and shallow crown, elaborate stocking-tops, rhinegraves, and overskirt.
  4. Boot-hose lasted well in the mid 1660s, attached right under where the rhinegraves were gathered below the knee.
  5. By the early 1660s, rhinegraves became very popular and soon replaced petticoat breeches.
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