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  1. Richard Brooks is a founding member of the Friends of Green Lesbos.
  2. Richard Brooks (May 18, 1912 – March 11, 1992) was a Hollywood film writer, director, and (occasionally) producer.
  3. Richard Brooks was part of that initial pioneering group. (Web site)

Directorial Debut

  1. Richard Brooks made his directorial debut with MGM's Crisis (1950) starring Cary Grant. (Web site)

Jerry Butler

  1. The members who got to take part in this honor, as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, were Sam Gooden, Jerry Butler, Richard Brooks, Curtis Mayfield.
  2. Mayfield's career began in 1958 (see 1958 in music), when he formed The Impressions with Jerry Butler, Sam Gooden, Richard Brooks, and Arthur Brooks. (Web site)

Richard Brooks

  1. Mayfield's career began in 1956 (see 1956 in music) when he formed The Roosters with Arthur and Richard Brooks and Jerry Butler.
  2. Mayfield's career began in 1956 when he joined The Roosters with Arthur and Richard Brooks and Jerry Butler. (Web site)
  3. Butler wanted Curtis to join him in a group called The Roosters, which consisted of Arthur and Richard Brooks, and Sam Gooden.


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