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  1. Richard Street is a busy street.
  2. Richard Street is a freelance musician, a teacher of piano and music theory and an accompanist specializing in Royal Conservatory Examinations.

Busy Street

  1. Richard Street is a busy street.

Top Right Corner

  1. Richard Street (top right corner) on the cover of the 1984 Temptations LP Truly for You.

Paul Williams

  1. Paul Williams, with his worsening alcoholism and related health problems, was asked to leave the group in 1971; his spot was filled by Richard Street. (Web site)

Richard Street

  1. Richard Street officially took his place, while Williams remained on the group's payroll as an advisor and choreographer. (Web site)
  2. Richard Street and Damon Harris sometimes perform together as well; with Harris also performing with his own group, The Temptations Tribute.
  3. Richard Street left The Temptations in 1992 after a twenty-year association with the group, with Theo Peoples taking his place.


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