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  1. Rick Perry. +30
  2. Rick is an Indiana Jones of the stove, a Julia Child of Mexican cuisine in black jeans and a T-shirt.
  3. Rick is joined in this all-new adventure by son Alex (newcomer Luke Ford), wife Evelyn (Maria Bello) and her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah).
  4. Rick is one of the top fishing guides on Lake Texoma with many years of experience Texoma and many other lakes across Texas.
  5. Rick Santorum. +24

Rick Nelson

  1. January 6, 1986: Rick Nelson is buried following a memorial service in Hollywood Hills, California.
  2. The set on which Rick Nelson appeared in the TV show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, was an exact copy of the Nelson's real Hollywood home.
  3. On May 8, 1961 (his 21st birthday), the singer officially changed his recording name from "Ricky Nelson" to "Rick Nelson".

Rick Mercer Report

  1. The Rick Mercer Report In 2003, Made in Canada ended its run as well, and Mercer began to work on a new CBC series, Rick Mercer's Monday Report.
  2. A book by Mercer, Rick Mercer Report: The Book, based on his television program, was published on September 25, 2007 by Doubleday Canada.

Rick Wakeman

  1. Wings on my feet includes guest appearance by Rick Wakeman, plus Earl Lewis (bass), Steve Holly (drums) and Chris Slade (drums).
  2. In 1980, well-known members Jon Anderson (vocalist) and Rick Wakeman (keyboardist) had left the band, replaced by Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes respectively.
  3. Rick Wakeman plays the clavichord in the track "The Battle" from the album Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Rick Moranis

  1. While still attending high school in Toronto, Rick Moranis held down a part-time job as a radio engineer.
  2. Rick Moranis is a great actor and is very funny in this movie.
  3. At one point, we get a musical performance from the Recess Monkeys, a band of alleged pre-teens played by Rick Moranis, John Candy and Eugene Levy.

Rick Barry

  1. Brent and his father, Rick Barry, are only the second father-son duo to each win an NBA Championship as a player; the first was Matt Guokas, Sr.
  2. That team was coached by former Warrior Al Attles, and led on the court by Rick Barry, Jamaal Wilkes and Phil Smith.

Rick Mast

  1. Mast News UPDATE 2 #41: Rick Mast still isnt saying what hes planning to do next season, although he does admit he is close to making a decision.
  2. The team failed to qualify for a race again until the Pennsylvania 500, at which point Wallace had departed and been replaced by Rick Mast.


  1. RICK HENDRICK: I don't see that as any more of a challenge than I had this year or we've had.

Rick Santorum

  1. Rick Santorum, former state Treasurer Barbara Hafer said she is now exploring a challenge to US Rep.
  2. Rick Santorum, R- Pa., an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights, confirmed to a blogger that he is gay.
  3. IN THE END, I've decided, after a decade of absurdities, Rick Santorum is not funny, just weird.

Rick Stein

  1. Rick Stein is the self-taught celebrity chef and restaurateur whose Seafood Restaurant put Padstow and North Cornwall firmly on the map.

Rick Steiner

  1. After this loss, Rick Steiner debuted in TNA, and helped Scott beat down Tomko.
  2. Rick Steiner returned to TNA on the May 4, 2006 episode of TNA iMPACT! as a possible partner for Sting at TNA Sacrifice 2006.
  3. Rick Steiner made a short-lived return to TNA in October 2003, brawling with Jeff Jarrett.

Jake Roberts

  1. Jake Roberts pinned Rick Martel (8:34) in a "blindfold" match.
  2. Jake Roberts defeated Rick Martel in a blindfold match.

Rick Rude

  1. Sting requested the match rather than be awarded the title after an injury to his original opponent, Rick Rude, and defeated Vader.
  2. Ron Simmons defeated Williams, substituting for Rick Rude, in a reverse decision by referee Nick Patrick to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Title.
  3. One one occasion when Rick Rude and the Equalizer (the "heels") the audience accidentally cheered for them and WCW had to reshoot their entrance over again.


  1. Rick Mears was the first one to totally under the might of Penske to start an incredible run of wins, and he won four with that same team.
  2. A.J. Foyt, Al Unser and Rick Mears each won four times in the Indianapolis 500 on the rectangular shaped "oval" track.
  3. I think the Museum was the best so far, but I also liked doing the laps with Rick Mears and his tips.

Rick Mears

  1. Mears grew up in racing, his father Roger Mears excelled in off-road racing and his uncle, Rick Mears, won the Indianapolis 500 four times.
  2. His father is Roger Mears, Indianapolis 500 and off-road veteran; his uncle is Rick Mears, four-time Indy winner; his grandfather also raced.
  3. Jeff Gordon is the only driver to do in a stock car what A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, and Rick Mears did in open-wheel cars – win four times at Indianapolis.

Car Owner Rick Hendrick

  1. Car owner Rick Hendrick has scored 13 wins at Lowes Motor Speedway, the most of any car owner.
  2. During the offseason, car owner Rick Hendrick called on his considerable resources to turn things around with for No.
  3. In 1992, he signed with Hendrick Motorsports to drive for car owner Rick Hendrick.


  1. Rick Salutin (born August 30, 1942) is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic.
  2. Rick Fuschi (born August 16, 1948 in Rome, Italy) is a conservative political activist, involved with the Conservative Party of Canada in Windsor, Ontario.

Rick James

  1. On August 6, 2004, Rick James was found dead in his Burbank, California home at the Oakwoods on Barham Blvd by his caretaker.
  2. The Mynah Birds were set to record an album for Motown Records when Rick James, their singer, was arrested for draft evasion.
  3. My father was a big influence on Rick James and Rick James was a big influence on me, so I really I hate that he passed and our relationship ended like that.

Rick Crawford

  1. Jack Sprague, Rick Crawford and Mike Skinner are still looking for their first win and that is incredible because these guys are so talented.
  2. On Lap 4, Rick Crawford has fallen out of the top 10, racing in 11th and his teammate James Buescher starts to challenge him for the position.
  3. In 2002, Mike Bliss ended up winning the championship over Rick Crawford and Ted Musgrave by 46 and 51 points respectively.

Rick Warren

  1. I wouldn't want to characterize myself as another Rick Warren but she likes Rick and wouldn't see that as a negative statement.
  2. Rick Warren of "Purpose-Driven" fame; and Brennan Manning, a former Catholic priest popular among evangelicals.
  3. Compare and contrast this to the legal bondage that Rick Warren and his band of preachers puts you under.

Owner Rick Hendrick

  1. Owner Rick Hendrick dismissed a report last month that Kahne would drive for Phoenix Racing in 2011, saying he's still weighing his options.
  2. The crash killed all 10 people aboard, including the son, brother and two nieces of owner Rick Hendrick.
  3. He reached a deal with his friend, owner Rick Hendrick, to run full time in 2009 and the results were astounding.

Team Owner Rick Hendrick

  1. His crew chief and cousin, Tony Eury Jr., was fired midway through the season, and team owner Rick Hendrick vowed to get the lagging team turned around.
  2. Team owner Rick Hendrick declined Thursday to appeal the penalties and quickly promoted car chiefs with long relationships with the team and drivers.
  3. It was previously held by the late John Hendrick, brother of team owner Rick Hendrick (pictured at right).


  1. Today, Rick can be heard weekly on Rowdy Racing News, a podcast devoted to NASCAR news (, as an expert commentator.
  2. I have news for Rick Warren and the dean of National Cathedral.
  3. Last year, US News got Davis to admit that the company has two owners -- Rick Davis and Paul Manafort.


  1. Be flexible and keep an open mind, as Rick Steves said, be militantly positive.
  2. Dale has her mind torn from her body by Ming in the first episode and is preserved in a crystal, which Rick is able to recover and give to his father.
  3. Team owner Rick Hendrick might not mind so much since another of his star drivers, Jimmie Johnson, has won the championship three straight years.


  1. In 1979, Paul and Rick joined up with Dan Redican and Peter Wildman to form the comedy group The Frantics.


  1. As President, Rick worked with school boards, parents, teachers, and provincial governments to strengthen public education across Canada.
  2. When Rick resumed his role as CEO a year later, John remained with the racing team as president.
  3. Four years later, when Mr. McCain ran for president, Mr. Reed recommended he hire his close friend and protégé, Rick Davis, to manage that campaign.


  1. In 1965, the Warriors drafted Rick Barry in the first round.


  1. However, Bagwell restrained Rick while fellow nWo member Scott Steiner assaulted him with a steel chair, reaffirming his loyalty to Hogan and the nWo.
  2. Both Nick Patrick and Ted Dibiase quit the nWo after being disgusted by Kevin Nash's assault on Rick Steiner on April 6, 1997, at Spring Stampede.


  1. Rick Rude joined the nWo on an episode of Nitro on the same night he made a pre-taped appearance on the WWF's show Raw is War.
  2. When pressed about his most memorable moments, Rick recalls: "One night I jammed with John Fogerty* and George Thorogood in a packed theater.
  3. Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick will take the stage at the second P. Diddy's All-Star Lounge party the following night.


  1. This is an absolutely incredible short interview with Rick Warren, "Purpose Driven Life" author and pastor of Saddleback Church in California.
  2. John MacArthur John R. (Rick) MacArthur is American president and publisher of "Harper's Magazine", and an award-winning journalist and author.
  3. Rick Reilly is the author of the novel Missing Links.


  1. In 1999, Rick Danko, bass player for The Band, died in his sleep in Woodstock, New York, one day after celebrating his 56th birthday.
  2. Frederick Jay "Rick" Rubin (born March 10, 1963 in Lido Beach, New York) is an American record producer and is currently the co-head of Columbia Records.
  3. In April, Big Brown's trainer, Rick Dutrow, guilelessly told New York 's Daily News that once a month he gives his horses Winstrol, a steroid.


  1. A member of the Toronto based comedy troupe The Frantics, Rick wrote and performed on stage, record albums, radio, and television.
  2. The look or appearance of Rick Nielsen on stage and in public venues can be traced to several elements.
  3. As a performing artist Ric and his band have shared the stage with Bob James, Richard Elliot and Rick Braun.


  1. Tragedy struck one night as Amber convinced Rick to challenge C. J. Garrison (Mick Cain) in a drag race.
  2. As C.J. and Amber prepared for their wedding, Rick tracked down little Eric's biological father, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) in an attempt to gain custody.


  1. More mayhem from our favorite caller, Rick from Reisterstown, who "calls" the Preakness.
  2. Frankel was a mentor to trainer Rick Dutrow Jr., who saddled Big Brown to victories in last year's Kentucky Derby and Preakness.
  3. Connections: Rick Dutrow, who won the 2008 Derby and Preakness with Big Brown, gives a leg up to Ramon Dominguez, NYRA's leading rider.

Kentucky Derby

  1. A tradition continues: Rick from Reisterstown comes to the WNST studios to "call" the Kentucky Derby before it happens.
  2. Amen Hallelujah is owned and trained by the same team as 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown: IEAH Stables and Rick Dutrow.
  3. His victory in his first race of 2010 came in his debut for new trainer Rick Dutrow, who won the 2008 Kentucky Derby with Big Brown.

Bass Guitar

  1. Rick "Raz" Raczko explored the full potential of the bass guitar as a melodic lead instrument.
  2. The album was produced by David Gilmour and featured Gilmour on bass guitar, Rick Wright on keyboard and Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley.


  1. Rick Derringer kicked things off with his mates Charlie Torres (bass) and Tom Curiale (drums).
  2. The Cambridge native shared the stage with Roger Waters (bass), Rick Wright (keyboards), and Nick Mason (drums).
  3. In May, the final version of the band came together with the addition of Rick Grech, a talented musician but hardly a star, on bass.


  1. As Rick Crawford proved at Kansas as he was racing for the lead, we have really good equipment and we were really happy with the way things were going.


  1. The truck that I am driving here today is a backup truck that Rick Crawford has had for the speedways; one that he has never raced on one of these speedways.
  2. I told (car owner) Rick (Hendrick) and I really, honestly believe this, I'd run him in some truck races.
  3. With a new truck and the guidance of crew chief Rick Ren, Hornaday dominated the race, leading 136 of 167 laps en route to his first win of the season.

Rick Wilson

  1. On the final lap, Earnhardt punctured a tire when he drove over a piece of metal bell housing that had fallen from the failed engine of Rick Wilson 's car.
  2. After starting 1997 off with no driver or sponsor, the team finally hooked up a deal with Rick Wilson to run selected events that season.
  3. Loomis would work the next couple of years with various drivers including John Andretti, Wally Dallenbach, and Rick Wilson before that first win would come.


  1. To see their client Omar Khadr at Guantanamo Bay, Muneer Ahmad and Rick Wilson have to take a chartered single-prop plane from Miami to the base.
  2. In the 2001 episode, "Out of Miami", with Phillip Michael Thomas, the Miami Vice intro (tapping pin and drum) can be heard as "Rick" meets up with Nash.
  3. If you dug Port Of Miami you will for sure be pleased with this album and the progress that Rick Ross has made.


  1. Prince supported Rick James in a 1980 tour with the label “punk funk” being applied to both artists, although it didn’t sit comfortably with Prince.
  2. The challenge that artists like Rick Ross have is that Al Pacino will always be bigger than Scarface.
  3. Rick May is a well-known session player and worked with many artists including Depeche Mode, Andy Summers (The Police), and Michael Jackson.


  1. While most Indy car drivers start their careers with sprint cars, Rick and Roger Mears earned their experience and their reputations as off-road drivers.
  2. The powerhouse team launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Dead or Alive, Bananarama, and Rick Astley by crafting bubbly hybrids of Hi-NRG and pop.
  3. Dave Thomas shares his memories of the late-night TV show that launched the careers of Rick Moranis, Martin Short and John Candy.

Rick Perry

  1. Texans for Rick Perry will sponsor the car driven by Bobby Labonte.
  2. No matter how politics plays out, Bobby Labonte will get to drive in one more race this season, this time under the sponsorship of Rick Perry.


  1. Rick Crawford, one of only two drivers to run in all 22 truck races at Texas, started from the pole for the first time.
  2. Rick Green, is a duly elected state representative and who maintains a legislative office in the capitol complex in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

Scott Steiner

  1. Not long after, the group became heels again, kicking Sting out and begining feuds with him, Luger, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner and El Gigante.


  1. Rick Steiner beat The Giant & Scott Steiner (sub for Scott Hall) (8:24) in a "handicap" match to win the WCW Tag Title when he pinned Scott.
  2. After Rick lost the belt back to Rotundo at Chi-Town Rumble, Scott and Rick began teaming together in tag team matches.
  3. Rick and Scott returned to TNA in late September to challenge Team 3D in a 2 out of 3 Falls Tables Match at Bound for Glory.


  1. Hendrick
  2. Ricky

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