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  1. The rigging is a very involved and fairly unchartered area.


  1. Rigging and special events company.
  2. Curtains, Track & Rigging: We custom manufacture curtains in all of our shops.
  3. Theatreworks Production services for lighting, staging, rigging, curtains, pyrotechnics and video.
  4. Renovations were made to the stage rigging at the Hawken School in Gates Mills, Ohio.
  5. From equipment and expendables supplies to operations and logistics, ELS can support all of your lighting and rigging needs.

Entertainment Industry

  1. Icarus Rigging Rigging and flying design, service and installation for the theatrical, concert, motion picture and themed entertainment industries.
  2. Aerial, aviation and marine safety, film production support, stunt rigging, aquatic action and special operations for the film and entertainment industry.


  1. Unusual Rigging Rigging, suspension and automation for theatre, film and television.
  2. Come-a-longs are a common tension device used in aerial rigging.
  3. Websites Wildsplice Rigging Providing services to the theatre, film and circus industries.
  4. Rigging and material handling, show automation, specialty structures and awnings.
  5. Rigging: art and artist Resources for Rigging links in the Performing Arts database Rigging resources for Art and Artists.

Event Management

  1. Rigging design, sales, rental, and service.
  2. Rigging stunts is an integral part of the industry.
  3. Atlantic Enterprises Rigging, staging, set construction, and event management.

Rigging Needs

  1. Rigging - Wire and rod rigging needs yearly inspection.
  2. RIGGING HARDWARE Just about any item imaginable for your rigging needs, all in stainless steel.
  3. Project SSSHH Inc. Project SSSHH Incorporated can solve and approve your rigging needs, from concept to final product.


  1. Their typical duties involve camera movement, lighting refinement, and mechanical rigging.
  2. Syracuse, NY. Outback Holdings - Venue rigging, rigging and dry hire access equipment.
  3. Offers training for directors, stunt coordinators, stunt performers, safety and rigging personnel, and actors.
  4. From stunts, special effects, rigging and pyrotechnics to camera work, diving, safety and medical expertise.
  5. We have a full gymnastics gym, martial-arts school, weight room, and cable rigging, high-fall rig, and more.

Stunt Services

  1. Entertainment rigging, staging, scaffolding, flying effects & stunt services.
  2. Showtech Australia Pty Ltd & Showtech Rigging Entertainment rigging, staging, scaffolding, flying effects & stunt services.

Rigging Systems

  1. Branam Enterprises Rigging systems for the film and entertainment industry.
  2. This book is a manual of professional rigging with an emphasis in theatrical rigging systems.
  3. I also help Roderick Scott out, who is a Senior Rigging Grip, and we build towers and other gripping things.


  1. Full service drapery and rigging company.
  2. Stunt abilities include, precision driving, full body burns rigging & boat driving.


  1. Bill Sapsis has taken his rigging seminar program on the road once again.
  2. Basics of cable rigging. How to work with a "nico press." Rope and cable pulleys. How to tie a loop-in cable when a nico press is not available.
  3. Sapsis Rigging also installed a new chain hoist & truss rigging system for the Gateway Cathedral on Staten Island.
  4. The equipment provided by Sapsis rigging included over 100 chain hoists, truss, a self climbing rig and staging.
  5. In addition, Sapsis Rigging provided rigging and production services for product launches at Live at Lincoln Center and Liberty Island.

Rigging Equipment

  1. Trapeze Arts, Inc. builds and sells all forms of trapeze rigging equipment, including safety lines and harnesses.
  2. Barry Cordage - Barry makes circus rigging and equipment.
  3. Designer, manufacturer and installer of stage and studio rigging equipment.
  4. When dealing with rigging components, it is often helpful to convert everything to use one numbering system or the other.
  5. Uncle Bill's Rigging Seminars continue to be a popular addition to our arsenal of safety related services.


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