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  1. Lebanon also falls in the same system since it has a partial role as an upper riparian of the tributaries which eventually fall in the river.


  1. Specializes in locally-adapted, high-qualtiy plant materials for wetland, riparian, plant restoration, and landscaping projects.

River Bank

  1. King of the Riparian Franks (Riparian - dwellers by the river bank = ripa) He married Princess Clotilda, dtr of Chilperic, and niece of Gundobad.

Jordan River

  1. Lebanon is also an upper riparian because the Hasbani River is a tributary of the Jordan River.


  1. A-34, and not to exceed the amount allowed by OMB. Alluvion: a kind of accretion on riparian land by action of water which deposits sediment.
  2. The effect of riparian land use on occurrence and abundance of Japanese knotweed Reynoutria japonica on selected rivers in South Wales.
  3. The owner of riparian land becomes owner of title to land formed by accretion.


  1. Stanford, J. A. 1998. Rivers in the landscape: introduction to the special issue on riparian and groundwater ecology.


  1. WHAT IS A RIPARIAN? A Riparian is a person who owns a parcel of land which borders a natural body of water within the boundaries of the State of Michigan.
  2. Riparian area - Riparian refers to the area of land adjacent to a body of water, stream, river, marsh, or shoreline.
  3. There are many types of wetlands, including: swamp, slough, fen, bog, marsh, moor, muskeg, peatland, bottomland, delmarva, mire, wet meadow, riparian, etc.


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