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  1. Roberto Vittori is currently undergoing mission specialist training at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. (Web site)
  2. Italian Roberto Vittori is with the European space agency.
  3. Currently, Roberto Vittori is performing post-flight activities.
  4. For Italian Roberto Vittori, the launch will mark a literal high point in his career so far. (Web site)


  1. Paolo Nespoli and Roberto Vittori will both launch next year. (Web site)

Mission Specialist

  1. Roberto Vittori also will serve as a mission specialist. (Web site)

Roberto Vittori

  1. In October 2004, Roberto Vittori took up training again at Star City for his second mission to the International Space Station. (Web site)
  2. Roberto Vittori completed his mission specialist training and also performed technical duties in the Space Shuttle Operations Systems Branch.
  3. Roberto Vittori has been training for his qualification as Flight Engineer in Russia at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, near Moscow, since August. (Web site)


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