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Rock Drummer

  1. The event brought together one of today's most influential rock drummers and one of his biggest heroes.
  2. Living Colour's Will Calhoun was easily one of the most talented rock drummers to emerge during the late '80s.
  3. One of the most in-demand (and well-respected) hard rock drummers remains journeyman Tommy Aldridge.
  4. As the drummer in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mitch Mitchell was one of the greatest rock drummers of the 1960s.
  5. The event brought together one of today's most influential rock drummers and one of his biggest heroes.

Danny Carey

  1. He also is one of the few rock drummers using the traditional grip rather than the matched grip.
  2. Albert's creative drumming sets him apart from most other rock drummers.
  3. Blondie drummer Clem Burke, 50, is among the great rock drummers who never got the respect and admiration they deserved.
  4. If by "the drummer from Journey" you mean Aynsley Dunbar, I'd say yes, he's one of the very few real rock drummers who can also play real jazz.
  5. I very much agree with your top two rock drummers.


  1. I like mostly rock drummers: guys like Keith Moon and John Bonham.
  2. Neil Peart Drum Set Photo - A colorful 8 X 10 drum set photo of one of the world's most famous rock drummers, Neil Peart of the notorious band, "Rush".
  3. Bonham, Peart, Copeland, Baker, Bozzio, and Bill Bruford all belong in this list for reasons other than being just rock drummers.
  4. When listing Rock drummers you have to have these in your list and then you can debate the rest: Carl Palmer, Neil Pert, Stewart Copeland.
  5. Ginger Baker and Bernard Purdie have been influences on Paice's style, but Carmine Appice was his big example among the rock drummers.


  1. Jared 02-16-2003, 10:00 PM Originally posted by JrnymnNate His solos kick the butts of most major rock drummers today.
  2. Waterjet 03-23-2006, 10:03 PM When Machine Head came out years ago, Ian Paice became one of my favorite rock Drummers.

Rock Drummers

  1. Drum Magazine unveiled their reader-voted list of the best punk rock drummers working today.
  2. Heavily influenced by Buddy Rich, Ian is one of the few hard rock drummers who uses swing and jazz inflections in his powerhouse style.
  3. During the years following this period the traditional grip was in use by almost all jazz drummers and also all blues and rock drummers used this grip.
  4. I was wondering if you yourself are able to describe your sound - describe what makes you different than some other rock or punk rock drummers out there.
  5. Conversely, stylistically, I really love the English rock drummers from the ---70s, like John Bonham and Mitch Mitchell.


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