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  1. Ronald Isley is a living legend.
  2. Ronald Isley was still making hits and Parliament and the Funkadelics, George Clinton’s group, had taken the Funk movement to another level.


  1. A popular "Friend of Mine" remix, also included on the album, features R. Kelly and Ronald Isley.


  1. The next year, he re-joined the Isleys with Ronald Isley and Marvin.

Ronald Isley

  1. There's the dreamy "More Than Friends," where the influential traces of Marvin Gaye, Ronald Isley, and Al Jarreau all come together in Jackson's delivery. (Web site)
  2. She was part of Rene' and Angela and went on to a solo career and a 10 year marriage to Ronald Isley. (Web site)
  3. This campaign to "pardon" Ronald Isley is ridiculous.


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