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Ron Tyson

  1. The son of a preacher, he was discovered by Ron Tyson and tapped to replace Richard Street in the long-lived Motown group The Temptations in 1992.
  2. Harris was then replaced by Glenn Leonard, who was, in turn, replaced by Ron Tyson in 1982.
  3. Twenty two years later, Ron Tyson is still counting his blessings and very thankful to be a part of this wonderful and legendary group.
  4. Temptation Ron Tyson had seen Peoples perform at a St. Louis jazz club, and invited Peoples to audition.
  5. Glenn Leonard also left at this time, and was replaced by Ron Tyson.


  1. Ron Tyson has been The Temptations' first tenor for the last 23 years.
  2. This was also the first televised performance for Ron Tyson after joining the group as the new lead tenor.
  3. This is a video clip of a performance of "Think About Tommorrow" by Ron Tyson's first group, The Ethics.
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