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  1. The Roosters (ザ・ルースターズ Za Rūsutāzu) were a Japanese rock band that mixed punk, blues-rock, ska and straight-forward rock and roll.
  2. The Roosters were also a Japanese rock band active in the 1980s.
  3. The Roosters was also an obscure anarchist group of the 1830s.


  1. When he was 17 years old Clapton joined his first band, an early British R&B group, called "The Roosters".


  1. He subsequently joined several secular groups, including the Roosters, an aspiring trio of Sam Gooden and Richard and Arthur Brooks.

Rich History

  1. Denizli famous with roosters, has rich history and culture.

First Band

  1. His first band was the Roosters, a local R&B group that included Tom McGuinness, a future member of Manfred Mann, and latterly part of the Blues Band.
  2. Clapton joined his first band at 17 and stayed with this band - the early British R&B outfit The Roosters - from January through to August 1963.

Jerry Butler

  1. Mayfield's career began in 1956 when he joined The Roosters with Arthur and Richard Brooks and Jerry Butler.


  1. The rooster has become a symbol for the city of Denizli, often you will find as many roosters around the city.


  1. Famous with its roosters, Denizli has a rich history and culture.
  2. Butler wanted Curtis to join him in a group called The Roosters, which consisted of Arthur and Richard Brooks, and Sam Gooden.


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