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  1. Ropework is a hobby I started whilst at sea. (Web site)


  1. Another type of ropework is splicing in which one rope is joined to another or to itself by separating the strands and braiding them together. (Web site)


  1. In ropework, the frayed end of a rope is held together by a type of knot called a whipping knot.
  2. Ropework or Marlinespike Seamanship is the set of processes and skills used to make, repair, and use rope.
  3. Any of these ropework tapes can stand alone, however parts 2 and three were done as a sequence and build on each other. (Web site)
  4. With ROPEWORK, you'll be introduced to basic to intermediate skills, using dance inspired routines, power jumping and lateral movements.
  5. Porcelain ropework appears on S?vres vases where it is used to 'suspend' painted illustrations (e.g.


  1. THE ASHLEY BOOK OF KNOTS (c.1944) by Clifford W. Ashley, is the definitive reference work on knots, splices, and ropework in general.
  2. The RYA Knots, Splices and Ropework Handbook covers the basics and the Ashley Book of Knots is the last word in knot tying for the connoisseur. (Web site)


  1. Red Sky carries and extensive collection of nautical and marine books and a wide list of books specializing in Knots, Knot-Tieing and Ropework.
  2. Red Sky carries on of the most extensive line of nautical books (including knot tieing and ropework) that is available on the web.

Fancy Ropework

  1. This book has to represent the best value on the market today for anyone interested in knots, splices and fancy ropework.
  2. Fancy ropework involving complicated decorative knots in various patterns, or woven or braided rope and string, is used to produce ornamental objects. (Web site)
  3. The Arts of the Sailor: Knotting, Splicing and Ropework is a must for anyone interested in knots and fancy ropework.

Knots Ropework

  1. Below is a selection of some of our more popular nautical books on knots and ropework.
  2. Knots and Ropework, art of joining together pieces of such flexible material as rope, and of forming loops or designs in ropes, string, or fibers. (Web site)
  3. MSN Encarta - Print Preview - Knots and Ropework Knots used to attach one rope to another or to attach a rope to an object are known as bends and hitches. (Web site)
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  1. He has studied knots and sailors' ropework ever since. (Web site)
  2. Everyone who ever has done or expects to ever do an adventure race with any sort of ropework in it. (Web site)


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