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  1. The nominated Vice Presidential candidate is called the "running mate".

Running Mate

  1. He was considered a potential running mate for Faso until Faso selected Vanderhoef.
  2. She was considered a potential running mate for Weld until Weld selected Jacobs.
  3. Noli de Castro, an independent, yet popular, politician, as her running mate.
  4. Running mate M--ximo San Rom--n was Fujimori's Vice-President, but split with him after the 1992 self-coup.
  5. But she raised little money and ultimately decided to become Culver's running mate.


  1. Running mate Alberto Andrade is a former mayor of Lima (1996-2002).
  2. Sebelius' running mate is former Republican state party chair Mark Parkinson.


  1. Declined Tom Reilly 's offer to be running mate and then ran for Governor (see above).
  2. Governor of Kentucky as the running mate of Steve Beshear, a former state attorney general and lieutenant governor.
  3. The running mate on the winning slate will serve as Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky for that same time period.
  4. Spitzer selected New York State Senate minority leader David Paterson as his choice for Lieutenant Governor and running mate in January 2006.


  1. Lingle's running mate, incumbent Lt.
  2. He was gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush’s running mate in 1994, a race in which Democratic incumbent Lawton Chiles defeated Bush.

Robert Ehrlich

  1. Robert Ehrlich and running mate Kristen Cox -- will serve from 2007 to 2011.
  2. On January 30th, 2006, Petro announced that Joy Padgett would be his running mate for the Governor---s position.
  3. He chose the conservative governor of Maryland, Spiro Agnew, as his running mate partly to appeal to Southern conservatives.
  4. On June 29, 2006, Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich announced that Cox would be his running mate in the Maryland 2006 gubernatorial election.


  1. Nader suggested Kerry pick Edwards as a running mate.
  2. In 1996 and 2000 he was the nominee of the Green Party; Winona LaDuke was his vice-presidential running mate.
  3. On July 6 2004, he announced his selection of John Edwards as his running mate.
  4. His running mate is Tom Lingenfelter, a former GOP state committeman, conservative activist, and frequent candidate.
  5. Even Morales--- running mate, Alvaro Garcia Linera is following his lead in declining to debate PODEMOS--- candidate, Maria Rene Duchen.


  1. Dick Gephardt as his running mate on the Democratic ticket.
  2. Nussle's running mate is businessman Bob Vander Plaats.
  3. His only serious primary challenger, Bob Vander Plaats, withdrew from the race to endorse Nussle and become his running mate.
  4. In the primary election held on March 21 2006, Gidwitz and his running mate ultimately lost to Judy Baar Topinka and Joe Birkett, respectively.


  1. For the vice presidency, Bryan's running mate Sewall received 149 electoral votes, and Watson 27.
  2. Candidates for the Vice Presidency include two indigenous women candidates and Morales- running mate, sociologist - lvaro Garc - a Linera.
  3. His running mate, incumbent Vice President Fernando Lopez was also elected to a third full term as Vice President of the Philippines.
  4. Mejia's running mate Milagros Ortiz Bosch, niece of former President Juan Bosch, became the country's first female vice president" (page 2).


  1. Ford names Senator Robert Dole of Kansas as his running mate.
  2. Senator Panfilo Lacson filed his candidacy as President without a running mate.
  3. As several of his former opponents refused the honor, McGovern chose Missouri Senator Thomas F. Eagleton as his running mate.
  4. On September 13th, Davis selected former State Senator & 2002 Gubernatorial candidate Daryl Jones of Miami as his running mate.


  1. Thomas DiNapoli - Assemblyman from Nassau County, entered the race in 2005 and dropped out after Spitzer choose Paterson as a running mate.
  2. But Richards and newly-minted running mate John Y. Brown III, the former secretary of state, will have some big hurdles to clear.
  3. O'Malley selected Anthony G. Brown, who is a Delegate from Prince George's County and Iraq War veteran, as his running mate.


  1. Abubakar was President Olusegun Obasanjo's running mate in the 2003 Presidential election.
  2. Some initially considered Napolitano to be a possible running mate for presidential candidate Sen.
  3. Nader's vice presidential running mate was Winona LaDuke, an environmental activist, and member of the Ojibwe tribe of Minnesota.
  4. This Presidential campaign logo is typical, in that both the name of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate (the "running mate") are stated.
  5. Rendell was a potential candidate to serve as Senator John Kerry 's running mate in the 2004 Presidential campaign.


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