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Tribal Rugs

  1. Tattersall's of Uppingham Restoration and cleaning of tribal rugs.
  2. Sun Bow Trading: Company A colorful American dealer in tribal rugs and textiles.
  3. Includes a description of the Turkish DOBAG-project. Frauenknecht, Germany - Antique tribal rugs and textiles.

Oriental Rugs

  1. Antique flatwoven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims and bags.
  2. Antique oriental rugs mostly village and tribal with some background information on each.
  3. Hort Oriental Rugs Antique oriental rugs, mostly village and tribal, with some background information on each.


  1. TurkoTek- A noncommercial site for collectors of textiles, especially tribal weavings from central and western Asia. Active moderated discussion boards.

Contemporary Oriental

  1. London based dealers in antique tribal traditional and contemporary oriental rugs carpets and kelims.
  2. Fairman Fine Oriental Rugs London based dealers in antique, tribal, traditional and contemporary oriental rugs, carpets and kelims.


  1. Informative site by dealer specializing in Moroccan tribal rugs flatweaves and other textiles.
  2. Brooke Pickering Moroccan Rugs Informative site by dealer specializing in Moroccan tribal rugs, flatweaves and other textiles.

Nice Introduction

  1. Herat Ltd. Old tribal weavings, with a nice introduction to the subject for beginners.
  2. Old tribal weavings, with a nice introduction to the subject for beginners. Milton Cater Oriental Carpets A commercial site with a philosophical attitude.


  1. Lenkoran Gallery - deals in antique rugs, kilims, tribal bags, and pre-Columbian textiles.
  2. Tribal Persian & Caucasian pieces and decorative large Oriental carpets and European tapestries. (Web site)


  1. Carpets, textiles, Asian and tribal art.
  2. Follow the links below to tribal rugs for sale at Asian Trade. (Web site)


  1. Brian MacDonald is an internationally renowned specialist in antique tribal weavings.
  2. Antique and decorative Oriental rugs and textiles Antique tribal rugs and decorative carpets.
  3. Marla Mallett Textiles and Antique Oriental Tribal Rugs - Lots of information on textile structure, edited by the leading authority on this subject.

Tribal Art

  1. Examines various tribes and tribal customs.
  2. African Tribal art from all regions of Africa.
  3. Dealer in African tribal arts with ethnographic information.
  4. Native Americans Use: Indians Use a specific tribal name if possible.
  5. Annually over 400,000 tourists from all over the world visit Monument Valley Tribal Park.
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