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  1. Bilingual education is a controversial issue.
  2. Bilingual education is the substantive model which contributes to this national condition. Thank you very much.
  3. Bilingual education is a great opportunity for everyone to speak two languages--to keep their own language and to learn a second one.

Bilingual Education

  1. Model Strategies in Bilingual Education: Professional Development How to develop a highly qualified instructional workforce for language minority students.
  2. California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) - Promotes high levels of literacy in English and in at least one other language.

Two-Way Bilingual

  1. Bilingual Education Massachusetts Web Page with information on bilingual education and legislation.
  2. A third myth: Bilingual Education promotes multicultural education and minimizes social assimilation.


  1. Cummins, J. (1999). The ethics of doublethink: Language rights and the bilingual education debate. TESOL Journal, 8(3), 13-17.
  2. Walker, C. L., & Tedick, D. J. (2000). Bilingual education, English as a second language, and foreign language education: Movement to a center.
  3. Includes lesson plans for ESL, bilingual education, and foreign language; employment opportunities and professional associations.

Second Language

  1. Cummins, J. (1987). Second language acquisition within bilingual education programs.
  2. Various models of bilingual education and English as a Second Language will be examined.


  1. See also late-exit bilingual education (Baker, 2000).
  2. Caroline's interests are sheltered ESL instruction, secondary bilingual education and H.S. TBE program design.
  3. This report summarizes some of the major research findings regarding the purposes and effectiveness of bilingual education.
  4. The site also links the user with funding opportunities for bilingual education, ESL, Title I, Migrant Education and Adult Education.


  1. Selections from NCBE's Online Library describing effective bilingual education practices.

Education Programs

  1. The pros of bilingual education.
  2. Finally, bilingual education programs work when they have qualified teachers.
  3. Greene-s (1998) review of the effects of bilingual education is a meta-analysis.
  4. - Bilingual education issue on the ballots - Nov. 4, 2002 Bilingual education issue on the ballots.
  5. For example, if you-re looking for "bilingual education", you-ll find the top "bilingual education" resources right here.


  1. Description: BILING is a forum for discussion of research about bilingualism and bilingual education.

Dual Language Program

  1. Criteria for Success in Two-Way Bilingual Education Eight characteristics of an effective dual language program.
  2. The Rachel Carson is a bicultural school with a transitional bilingual education (TBE) program and a pre-school dual language program.


  1. NABE promotes educational excellence and equity through bilingual education.
  2. Christian, D. (1994). Two-way bilingual education: Students learning through two languages . Center for Applied Linguistics.

Two-Way Immersion

  1. Describes newcomer programs, transitional bilingual education, developmental bilingual education, and two-way immersion.
  2. Our goal is to develop a model bilingual education dual-language teacher preparation program.
  3. Note that two-way immersion programs are the least common models of bilingual education in the United States (August & Hakuta, 1997).


  1. To redress the denial of equal educational opportunity to English learners, public schools around the country began to offer bilingual education.

Transitional Bilingual

  1. For information, contact the SMU Bilingual Education office at PO Box 750336, Dallas, TX 75275, or by phone at 214-768-2724.
  2. This provision was amended in 1984 to permit limited funding of instructional approaches other than transitional Bilingual Education.
  3. Fn: For a discussion of these arguments as they relate to bilingual education policy, the reader is referred to Crawford (1989, 1992).


  1. Fuel for the controversy is seen as hinging on misunderstanding of issues related to bilingual education.
  2. Thirty years after its introduction, bilingual education still generating controversy.
  3. Electronic Textbook: Bilingual Education. Bilingual education is unquestionably a controversial issue. policy on and guidlines for bilingual education.


  1. Two Way Immersion is emerging as the bilingual education for the 90's and beyond.
  2. Bilingual Education: Strike Two -- an article about Arizona voters choosing English-only instruction.
  3. Unz has continued his state campaigns, recently achieving the repeal of bilingual education through a ballot initiative in Massachusetts (Vaishnav, 2002).

Native Language

  1. Cummins, J. (1985). The construct of language proficiency in bilingual education.
  2. The most controversial issue encountered was that of bilingual education versus use of the native language for instruction.
  3. The El Paso study supports the claims of bilingual education advocates that most bilingual education programs do not use enough of the native language.

English Immersion

  1. Cummins, J. (1998). Bilingual education and English immersion: The Ramírez report in theoretical perspective.


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