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  1. Encyclopedias are an excellent place to begin research.
  2. Encyclopedias are a good source of background information.
  3. Encyclopedias are the most widely known reference sources.
  4. Encyclopedias are often the best place to begin your research.
  5. Encyclopedias are a good starting point for doing research on a subject.

Encyclopedias Subject

  1. Books provide more in-depth information than encyclopedias or subject dictionaries.
  2. Encyclopedias (Subject) -- A major collection from the dmoz open directory project.


  1. Top Reference Tools links to encyclopedias and other sources of facts.


  1. Literature, authors, biographies, dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias, maps, quotes, history, education, government, military, legal, locator tools.

Dictionaries Encyclopedias

  1. - Links to over 180 online dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  2. My main goal in this version is to remove the artificial distinction I've made between glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. (Web site)

General Encyclopedias

  1. General encyclopedias, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, cover a wide range of subjects.
  2. Ref AE5 E363. 1991. Unlike other general encyclopedias Britannica is divided into two parts: (1)Micropedia.

Encyclopedias Reference

  1. Encyclopedias--These reference works can be either general or subject specific.

Encyclopedias Dictionaries

  1. Print Encyclopedias and Dictionaries: REF materials are located on the 2nd floor of University Library.
  2. Philosophy Encyclopedias and Dictionaries These sources give general overviews of particular topics that are important in the study of philosophy.


  1. Xrefer contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of quotations from the world's leading publishers.
  2. Dinosaur encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases, and books on individual species are in demand.
  3. This collection includes sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, handbooks, and yearbooks.


  1. Other online encyclopedias from this site deal with the Net, Math, Mythology, Philosophy, and Physics, Religion and Social Sciences.


  1. Both these encyclopedias are multi-volume sets.

Special Encyclopedias

  1. The articles in these special encyclopedias are more detailed, and frequently more scholarly in tone than those found in general encyclopedias.
  2. Special encyclopedias usually cover an academic discipline such as music, art, history, science, engineering, or education.

Encyclopedia Britannica

  1. LibrarySpot - encyclopedias, maps, libraries and more.
  2. These are stand-alone computers with encyclopedias on CD-ROM for you to search.
  3. Encyclopedia Proteus allows you to search the best encyclopedias available online.
  4. Usborne First Encyclopedias are colourful and inviting introductions to the world of learning.
  5. Spartacus Encyclopedias - including British history 1700-1950, and two separate works for World War I.


  1. It includes encyclopedias, almanacs, biographies, calculators, encyclopedias and writing style guides.

Reference Tools

  1. Excellent website for all kinds of reference tools - dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, etc.
  2. This database consists of 18 standard reference tools--encyclopedias and dictionaries--in the German language.


  1. Here are the general encyclopedias that customers like best.
  2. Find the general encyclopedias in the General Reference collection, Level 3.
  3. Far from perfect, but far better than other general encyclopedias of the paranormal. (Web site)
  4. The E-Reference Shelf lists many electronic encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, etc.

Reference Works

  1. Interdisciplinary reference works include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and yearbooks.
  2. Periodical indexes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference works are housed in this area.
  3. Provides free searchable access to over 50 reference works, including encyclopedias, dictionaries and quotations.

Online Encyclopedias

  1. Includes a set of online encyclopedias, including Brittanica and Infoplease.
  2. Offers a page of links to numerous online encyclopedias and educational software.
  3. Arranged in a sychronous time line. Internet Oracle A collection of online encyclopedias.


  1. Encyberpedia (Index) An annotated listing of subject-oriented encyclopedias.
  2. Encyclopedias may be either general or specific to a subject area (science, social studies, etc.). (Web site)
  3. Subject encyclopedias concentrate on topics within a specific discipline (e.g., education, philosophy, art, or technology).

Reference Books

  1. Consult a reference librarian for information on which encyclopedias to use for your topic.
  2. Reference titles consist of bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, indexes, statistical compendiums, atlases, and the like.


  1. Begin researching your topic in general encyclopedias.
  2. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries Encylopedias and Dictionaries are good places to start researching a topic.


  1. Resource Central - A collection of links to specialized encyclopedias.
  2. Specialized subject encyclopedias contain articles that provide convenient overviews of topics.
  3. Wide Range of resouces from maps to dictionaries from encyclopedias to specialized subject resources.
  4. Specialized or subject-specific encyclopedias provide more detailed articles written by experts in a field.
  5. Subject encyclopedias, such as those included here, focus on one subject and the entries deal with specialized topics in that subject.

Online Reference

  1. Only the most current encyclopedias will be kept in the Reference Area.
  2. Dozens of links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference materials.
  3. List of links to various online reference resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, etc.
  4. This site list a variety of online reference tools, from dictionaries and encyclopedias to quotations and acronyms.

Subject Specific

  1. See HELIN for additional subject-specific encyclopedias or dictionaries.
  2. Links to general and subject-specific encyclopedias in more than 15 categories.
  3. The following give some examples of subject specific encyclopedias that are available in the reference room at Booth Library.


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