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  1. The sarong is a basic form of dress, best known as the fundamental dress form of the Malay Archipelago peoples, men and women alike. (Web site)
  2. Sarong is a famous and simple cloth for men in Indonesia especially in Java, Bali and Sumatra.
  3. The sarong is a women silk fabricdecorated with gold or silver thread (kain songket).
  4. The sarong is a large piece of fabric that you can wrap around you as a skirt, dress, jacket or shawl -- make it long or short.
  5. The sarong is the E-sarn traditional dress.


  1. The sarong (pronounced sah rong) comes from Malayan culture; it is common everyday attire from India to the ankles.
  2. The sarong (pronounced sah rong) comes from Malayan culture; it is literally a cloth sheath.


  1. Browse our sarong directory.
  2. A full 2.5 yards allows the sarong to drape more luxuriously.
  3. For America, the sarong symbolizes an exotic, luxurious existence of pleasure.
  4. The Sarong is then air dried.
  5. Use your imagination by experimenting with your tropical sarong.

Sarong Party Girl

  1. The Sarong party girl stereotype was also popularised by a series of humorous books by Jim Aitchison in the nineties, but later fell out of use. (Web site)
  2. The second story centers around a 19 year old female blogger who posts under the name Sarong Party Girl.


  1. Sarong Party Girl (also abbreviated to SPG) is a derogatory term used in Singapore, and, less frequently, in Peninsular Malaysia.
  2. Definitions of sarong party girl SPG: Party Girl "and then later as "Miss Izzy.
  3. Definitions of sarong party girl SPG: Party Girl "in 1994 that offered a satirical portrayal of the film with the same name was produced in 1996.


  1. Originally, the outfit of party cove girl choice was thought to be a bikinitank-top paired with a sarong.
  2. Sarong party girl SPG: Party Girl marked the last film Robert Taylor did under contract for MGM.


  1. The sarong will get softer to the touch the more wear they get.
  2. We recommend hand washing the sarong before the first time you wear it, as the colors of the sarong may bleed.

Foreign Accent

  1. The stereotypical Sarong party girl has extremely tanned skin, a false foreign accent, and is provocatively dressed. (Web site)
  2. The Sarong party girl has extremely tanned skin, a false foreign accent, and is evicted from her apartment.


  1. To see multiple SIMPLE ways to tie a sarong by viewing a video.
  2. Sarong always invites bizarre asymmetrical ties. (Web site)
  3. Her sarong wraps around from the side, triangulating the pubis, and also ties on the side. (Web site)


  1. Tonga has evolved its own version of Western-style clothing, consisting of a long tupenu, or sarong, for women, and a short tupenu for men. (Web site)
  2. In strict usage, sarong [Malay, "sheath"] denotes the lower garment worn by the Malay people, both men and women.
  3. Clothing Tongan men wear a tupenu, a cloth that is similar to a sarong, which is wrapped around the waist.
  4. Sarong. often wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt by men and women throughout much of cotton sarong of south and southeast Asia excluding Vietnam .


  1. Portrayals of Sarong Party Girls in local entertainment often present them to the audience as gold-digging, husband snatching Asian sirens.
  2. Sarong party girl - Sarong Party Girl (SPG) is a Singaporean slang referring to an Asian girl who dates exclusively Caucasian men.


  1. Bikini sarong can also capture the profanely lower, often deep V waistline of the 1980s (fig. (Web site)
  2. This version appears to go around the waist and tie behind ( SS4710). Miniskirt styles are worn by "The Sarong Girl," Dorothy Lamour (fig 13-4a). (Web site)


  1. Sarong wilts after 1950, overpowered by the simpler panty brief, and it remains extinct until the 1980s. (Web site)
  2. The sarong brief, like the sidetie brief, incorporates cloth or string ties, sometimes with a hidden fastener in the back. (Web site)


  1. Key West artist Jasmine Sky updates the sarong in silk.
  2. Sky has taken the concept of sarong dressing to resort wear.


  1. Each Dreaming Goddess sarong is hand-painted on one of four types of silk.
  2. -A Dreaming Goddess sarong is more generous than a commercially-produced sarong.
  3. Visit The Dreaming Goddess Boutique at to see the modern sarong.


  1. How To Tie A Sarong: The Ultimate Guide to Tying a Sarong Make a splash next time you hit the beach elegantly wrapped in a colorful sarong.
  2. Numerous tying methods exist mylar fringe to hold a sarong has ties, they may be used to fringe flapper dress assist the fringe jacket wearer 's fringe body.


  1. Sarong dressing goes upscale in The Dreaming Goddess line of sarongs and resort wear.
  2. Sarong dressing goes from the beach to the bistro.


  1. Other forms of creating a sarong are also popular, and require many talented artisans to create the final product.
  2. Here are the top ten (ok top eleven) most popular sarong uses: 1.


  1. The dyeing technique of batik is associated with sarong production.
  2. Another method of sarong making includes hand painting images onto silk using a “gutta resist” technique.


  1. Always carry a sulu (sarong, lavalava, pareu) to cover bathing togs or shorts and halter tops.
  2. This cross-cross halter and front-tie sarong both incorporate the theme of wrapping and fastening. (Web site)


  1. Ron Balicki will take you through a comprehensive look at the Indonesian and Filipino art of “The Fighting Sarong”.
  2. Wear the sarong also known as the "Indonesian Pareo" is .


  1. Silk Sarong Silk Scarf.A sarong is a dress hawaiian sarong a large sheet of fabric .
  2. The sarong is common wear for women, in formal settings with a kebaya blouse.
  3. This sarong is a tube shaped cloth worn around the waist. (Web site)
  4. The sarong; the ultimate casual cover-up for the island lifestyle.
  5. These images are then re-produced on silk screens and hand printed on to each sarong.


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