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  1. Schwannoma is a benign, encapsulated tumor that is derived from Schwann cells.
  2. Acoustic schwannoma (also called acoustic neuroma) is a rare tumor that begins in the vestibular nerve and is normally benign.
  3. A vestibular schwannoma is a type of benign (non-cancerous) tumor that affects the eighth cranial nerve.

Common Type

  1. The most common type of facial nerve tumor is the schwannoma.

Differential Diagnosis

  1. The differential diagnosis includes paraganglioma, schwannoma, carcinoma, melanoma, and middle ear adenoma.

Benign Tumor

  1. Schwannoma The schwannoma is a benign tumor of nerve fibers.


  1. When the Schwann cells grow in an uncontrolled fashion, they can develop into a tumor, called schwannoma or neuroma.
  2. The term " neuroma " is also a misnomer, since it means "nerve tumor" but an acoustic neuroma is a Schwannoma.
  3. Schwannoma is a benign, encapsulated tumor that is derived from Schwann cells.


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