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  1. SCORM is a series of e-learning standards that specify ways to catalog, launch and track course objects.
  2. SCORM is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, which comes out of the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense.
  3. SCORM is the best known LMS standard.
  4. SCORM is the Federal government's standard. (Web site)
  5. SCORM was a new word for me.


  1. This article explores the SCORM initiative.
  2. We are not the governing body for SCORM, but we are the experts.
  3. In December 2004, the US Department of Defense mandated that all its e-learning purchases must conform to SCORM standards.
  4. Therefore, how to provide a user-friendly authoring tool to efficiently construct SCORM compliant course becomes an important issue.
  5. No longer maintained or supported by ADL. SCORM 2004 The current version. (Web site)


  1. In SCORM, a Content Object is a web-deliverable learning unit. (Web site)
  2. From the industry perspective SCORM is economically feasible and useful as learning objects can be reused and one-to-one learning is feasible.
  3. Additional components in the SCORM model are tools that create SCOs and assemble them into larger units of learning.
  4. Related: leslie offers a less than positive review of XERTE, a free visual editor for SCORM compliant Flash learning objects.


  1. SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file.
  2. SCORM 2004 introduces a complex idea called sequencing, which is a set of rules that specify the order in which a learner may experience content objects.
  3. A SCORM content package is a self-contained ZIP file containing certain contents defined by the SCORM standard.
  4. In the SCORM model, content initiates all communication.
  5. Every SCORM content package contains an XML manifest file that describes the package and its contents.

Test Suite

  1. The SCORM section is the main location for acquiring the latest test suite, sample RTE and content examples.
  2. Quickly abandoned in favor of SCORM 1.2. SCORM 1.2 The first version with a real conformance test in the form of a test suite. (Web site)


  1. Fig. 15. The screenshot of course “PhotoShop” executed on SCORM RTE 1.3.
  2. It allows courses that comply with SCORM standards to be moved from one SCORM complaint LMS to another.
  3. By means of this automatic process, standardized courses not only correspond to the SCORM standard but also arrange adaptive auxiliary materials dynamically.


  1. The packages can be SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, or SCORM 2004 3rd Edition conformant.
  2. Simple SCORM Packager (SSP) creates packages to run on any SCORM conformant LMS.
  3. Once it is SCORM conformant the content can be deployed to and delivered via any SCORM conformant learning management system (LMS). (Web site)

Reference Model

  1. Sharable Content Object Reference Model ( SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning.
  2. The result is the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). SCORM is a model for defining, packaging, and managing learning objects.
  3. They are responsible for the devlopment and support of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).


  1. SCORM has adopted a content packaging format from the IMS Global Learning Consortium.
  2. HunterStone's THESIS is a global leader in rapid content conversion and creation for SCORM eLearning environments.
  3. SCORM compliant distributed learning environment permits interoperability of learning tools and course content on a global scale.


  1. Rustici Software is the leading provider of products and services to assist organizations with SCORM conformance.
  2. What I wonder is why ADl couldn't vest the stewardship of SCORM with an existing organization.


  1. Metadata Generator Pro allows the user to create, import, and export SCORM 1.2 conformant metadata files. (Web site)
  2. SCORM has a place for metadata in every SCO and in every content package.
  3. Welcome to the RELOAD web site, home to the RELOAD Content Package and Metadata Editor, and SCORM Player as well as the Learning Design Editor and Player.


  1. Authorware supports common courseware standards, such as AICC and ADL SCORM version 1.2.
  2. From the SCORM Primer: This is an overview of the Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model that was written by me (Philip Dodds) more than four years ago.


  1. Future plans for SCORM (release 2.0) include specifications for simulation-based training.
  2. SCORM contains two specifications: the Content Aggregation model and the Run-Time Environment.


  1. Xyleme is SCORM 2004 certified and can enable existing SCORM 1.2 and AICC Learning Management Systems to take full advantage of this new standard.
  2. Seeks to generate content supporting AICC, SCORM, and other delivery mechanisms.


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