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  1. A second break was introduced in recent years: in some continents, teams must qualify to participate in the competition. (Web site)


  1. A strong return then forced a backhand error to give Roddick a second break.


  1. It is best to not look at the sun for more than 20 seconds at a time, with at least a 30 second break between viewings.


  1. That second break of the set signalled the end for Agassi.

Set Point

  1. Jankovic added a second break and served for the set herself, but this time it was the number seven seed's turn to wilt, netting a forehand on set point. (Web site)

Fifth Game

  1. The French Open champion secured a second break of serve in the fifth game when Dementieva went wide, before serving the match out.[ 52].

Five Match Points

  1. She fought off five match points on her serve, then two more match points in the next game to win back her second break. (Web site)

Second Break

  1. A backhand in the net gave Nadal a second break to lead 4-3 and, though Federer had four chances to break back at 5-4, Nadal held on to take the opening set. (Web site)
  2. Another unforced error by Monfils gave Nadal a second break before he served out the set.
  3. Nadal saves the first break point, but a lob on the next point goes well clear of the baseline to give Federer his second break of the set. (Web site)


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