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  1. Sedimentology: the study of sedimentary rocks, strata, formations, eustasy and the processes of modern day sedimentary and erosive systems.
  2. Sedimentology is a 'core-discipline' of earth and environmental sciences.
  3. Sedimentology is a prerequisite for Stratigraphy.
  4. Sedimentology is a required upper-division undergraduate course for geology majors.
  5. Sedimentology is a core discipline of earth and environmental sciences.


  1. Combination of sedimentology, diagenetic and geochemical studies on sandstone reservoirs and ancient field analogues aids reservoir description.
  2. The sedimentology, palaeoecology and preservation of the Lower Carboniferous plant deposits at Pettycur, Fife, Scotland.
  3. Most Recent Customer Reviews principles of sedimentology this book was not at all like new, it was watermarked, ripped cover and crappy highlighting.
  4. Rebecca J. Dorsey, associate professor (sedimentology, basin analysis).
  5. Allen, J. R. L., 1980b, Large transverse bedforms and the character of boundary-layers in shallow-water environmnents: Sedimentology, v.


  1. Joel E. Johnson, marine geology, sedimentology (
  2. Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology - I am also very well versed in general sciences.
  3. Faculty in other departments with related interests include Alan Busacca (pedology) and David Gaylord (sedimentology and environmental geology).
  4. Structural geology and sedimentology of the Dammer Berge push moraine, FRG. In Meer, J.J.M. van der (ed.), Tills and glaciotectonics, p. (Web site)


  1. Sedimentary geology (also called sedimentology) is the scientific investigation of sediments and sedimentary rocks.
  2. Komar, P. D., 1985, The hydraulic interpretation of turbidites from their grain sizes and sedimentary structures: Sedimentology, v.


  1. Major subdisciplines are geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, mineralogy, petrology, stratigraphy and sedimentology.
  2. Fields of interest: GIS, seismic interpretation, development geology, Hydrology, and sandstone petrology, Sedimentology.


  1. Evaporites, geochemistry and sedimentology.
  2. My training is in carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, hydrogeology, and aqueous geochemistry.
  3. My research has both field and lab components, and it incorporates several disciplines, including sedimentology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and tectonics.


  1. Continental rift sedimentology, geology of Kenya, hydrothermal and lacustrine sedimentation.
  2. Lambert, André and Hsü, K. J., 1979, Non-annual cycles of varve-like sedimentation in Walensee, Switzerland: Sedimentology, v.


  1. Low energy and high energy depositional environments are identified based on sedimentology of the deposits.
  2. ERSC 4P28 Advanced Glacial Sedimentology (also offered as GEOG 4P28) Sedimentology of present day glacial environments and of Quaternary sediments. (Web site)


  1. Sedimentology and controls on drainage development in the glaciofluvial White River system, northeast-central Indiana. (Web site)
  2. Sedimentology and three dimensional facies relations within a tidally-influenced Carboniferous delta: the Big Clifty Formation, Sulphur, Indiana. (Web site)
  3. Stratigraphy, sedimentology and diagenesis of the Trenton Limestone (Upper Ordovician) in three regionally spaced cores in central and northern Indiana. (Web site)


  1. I use sedimentology, geomorphology, and Quaternary stratigraphy to develop a geologic model for each archaeological site.
  2. Includes disciplines such as geomorphology, sedimentology, tectonics, geophysics, and Quaternary geoscience.


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