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  1. Shahaji was married to Jijabai, the daughter of Lakhuji Jadhav of Sindkhed.


  1. A royal seal was handed over to Shivaji which reads in Sanskrit: "This is the royal seal of Shivaji, son of Shahaji. (Web site)
  2. Jijabai had several other sons before Shivaji who did not survive, except for Sambhaji who was with Shahaji in the South.
  3. Under these circumstances, Shahaji appointed the young Shivaji under the care of his mother Jijabai to manage the Pune holdings.
  4. Foundation of empire Shahaji appointed the young Shivaji under the care of his mother Jijabai to manage the Pune holdings.

Nizamshahi Kingdom

  1. Shahaji attempted to build on the ruins of the Nizamshahi kingdom of Ahmednagar, but was defeated by a combined force of the Mughals and Adilshah in 1636.
  2. When the Mughals and Adilshah completed their conquest of the Nizamshahi kingdom of Ahmednagar in 1636, Shahaji was forced to leave the region around Pune.


  1. His mother was Jijabai.Before Bijapur, Shahaji was a jagirdar of the Nizam of Ahmednagar.
  2. Shahaji Raje maried Jijabai, the daughter of nobleman Lakhuji Jadhav, and a descendant of the Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri.


  1. The root can be traced from Shahaji who supported Jayram Pindye and many like him.
  2. After this scuffle, a truce was made between Shivaji and Adilshahi through Shahaji acknowledging the independent position of Shivaji.
  3. Shahaji had donated a huge piece of land to Shaha-Sharif Durga of Ahmednagar.
  4. Like his ancestors, Shahaji was a major player in the Mughal Wars.
  5. This remained the situation until the death of Shahaji, when Shivaji was free to deal with the Mughals.

Had Defeated

  1. His vast army was more than a match for Shivaji's troops and he was an experienced commander who had defeated Shahaji in this region in 1636.
  2. The Mughals had defeated Shahaji and annexed territories which Shivaji now wanted to recover.

Shahaji Raje

  1. Emperor Shah Jahan again attacked the Kingdom of Nizamshah; at this critical hour, Shahaji Raje returned to the service of Nizamshah.
  2. His father, Shahaji raje, was a jagirdar of the sultan of Bijapur in present-day Karnataka. (Web site)
  3. Assuming administrative responsibility in 1644, Shahaji got Lal Mahal built at Pune.
  4. At this critical hour, Shahaji Raje returned to the military service of Nizamshah to help stiffen-up the defences.


  1. His father's name was Shahaji Bhosale and mother's name was Jijabai.
  2. In honour of the pir, Maloji named his sons Shahaji and Sharifji.
  3. Shahaji Bhosale was the eldest son of Maloji Bhonsale of Verul in present day Maharashtra. (Web site)


  1. His father, Shahaji, was a jagirdar of the sultan of Bijapur in Pune.
  2. Shahaji Bhosle was a loyal servant to the Bijapur Sultanate and had a small Jahagir near Pune given by the Sultan.


  1. At that time, Shahaji played the role of a regent for the young Nizam. (Web site)
  2. Shahaji raised the banner of independence.
  3. Shivaji's father, Shahaji, was raised by his uncle following his father Maloji's early death in battle.


  1. When Shahaji took another wife, as was a common occurrence in aristocratic families, his mother, Jijabai, moved to Pune to raise her son.
  2. Shahaji then switched allegiance and took refuge under the Adil Shahi of Bijapur.

Who Gave

  1. Shahaji married Tukabai who gave birth to Ekoji, who later founded the kingdom of Tanjore.
  2. However, tired of the unsettled conditions, Shahaji Raje left Nizamshah's service and joined Adilshah of Bijapur, who gave him the title of 'Sar Lashkar'.


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