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  1. Siding is to a Connecticut house as skin is to the human body.
  2. Siding - The finished exterior covering of the outside walls of a frame building.
  3. Siding - The finished covering on the outside of non masonry walls of houses and buildings.
  4. Siding is the finished covering of the outside wall. (Web site)
  5. Siding is the outer covering of a house meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. (Web site)

Wood Siding

  1. Its elegant wood siding and details, ornate balconies, and Victorian windows takes Guests back to turn-of-the-century Florida.
  2. In the 1889s the church was covered with wood siding and a shingle roof replaced the tile one.
  3. Dolly Varden Siding Beveled wood siding that is rabbeted on the bottom edge.


  1. Sheathing the carriage barn ells is clapboard, novelty siding, and slate roofing. (Web site)
  2. Low maintenance building, stone foundation, aluminum siding, slate roof.

Vinyl Siding

  1. However, vinyl siding products of late have a low-gloss finish that resembles painted wood.
  2. While vinyl siding can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer, the vast majority of the product is installed by a professional.
  3. Fading and yellowing are no longer an issue with finer vinyl siding products, nor is rigidity if they are correctly installed.
  4. Insulated and vinyl siding for home improvement and new construction.

Replacement Windows

  1. New metal roof, windows and siding.
  2. Energy-efficient custom vinyl replacement windows and doors as well as vinyl siding.
  3. Manufactures aluminum & vinyl siding & replacement windows, awnings, carports, patio covers .


  1. Batten Siding Vertical siding which has narrow strips of metal or wood covering the joints.
  2. Batten Board - A small strip of wood used, for example, to cover the joints between vertical siding.
  3. Break Joints To arrange joints so that they do not come directly under or over the joints of adjoining pieces, as in shingling, siding, and brick laying.
  4. Siding consisting of wide boards or plywood sheets set vertically with butt joints covered by battens.


  1. Rough opening - The horizontal and vertical measurement of a window or door opening before drywall or siding is installed.
  2. Drip Cap - This is placed over a door or window opening to prevent water from flowing under the siding or across the glass.


  1. Frieze - In house construction a horizontal member connecting the top of the siding with the soffit of the cornice.
  2. The log siding runs horizontal on the main walls and vertical in the gable ends. (Web site)
  3. Many exteriors are covered with horizontal plank siding, with patterned shingles covering the gables or second stories. (Web site)


  1. Sales and installation of vinyl windows, siding, doors, patios and deck enclosures.
  2. Contact our contractor in Hurst, Texas, for windows, vinyl siding, and patio enclosures.
  3. New appliances, renovated bath, finished basement, Buderus furnace, porch with mountain views, some new windows doors & siding.


  1. Board Siding A type of lumber installed on the exterior walls of a building or structure to act as the finish sheathing.
  2. Shingles, siding - Various kinds of shingles, used over sheathing for exterior wall covering of a structure.
  3. EIFS is applied to insulation board that is applied to sheathing or siding mounted to wall studs.


  1. A Foursquare house with crisp white clapboard siding and black shutters is usually identified as a Colonial Revival. (Web site)
  2. Siding that fits together and doesn-t overlap like clapboard.


  1. Foam panels contain wood furring strips for attaching siding and wallboard.
  2. A line of vinyl siding products fused to a foam backing material, to create an all-in-one siding and insulation system.

Lap Siding

  1. Bevel Siding (or Lap Siding): Wedge-shaped boards used as horizontal siding in a lapped pattern.
  2. Adobe panels, cottage, cedar shake, designer shake & premium lap siding.


  1. When real wood is beyond your budget, fiber cement siding is a strong and attractive alternative.
  2. Exterior Cultured stone & cement board siding.
  3. Various composite materials are also used for siding: asphalt, asbestos, fiber cement, aluminum (ACM) etc.


  1. Attractive cypress siding and cedar shingles adorned most Honor Bilt exteriors.
  2. A type of siding, typically cedar, composed of overlapping horizontal boards.


  1. Seamless siding is a unique product that produces a long lasting protective finish to your house in "seamless" sections.
  2. More: About Engineered Wood 8) Seamless Steel Seamless steel siding is very strong and resists shrinking and bulging when the temperatures change. (Web site)


  1. Brick mold -Trim used around an exterior door jamb that siding butts to.
  2. Cladding A term used to describe the siding or materials covering the exterior of a building. (Web site)
  3. New windows, siding, exterior chimney, deck. (Web site)
  4. The house is wood frame with cedar exterior siding. (Web site)
  5. The house is wood frame, with steel sash casement windows and vertical tongue-and-groove redwood exterior siding, without gutters or conductors.

Aluminum Siding

  1. Aluminum Siding - Lightweight material that is often painted rather than left in its natural color.
  2. Shingles, wood siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, stucco, etc.
  3. Anyone with older aluminum siding is well aware of the paint chalking problem. (Web site)


  1. A milled pattern of siding designed to shed water when applied horizontally. (Web site)
  2. Brick molding: Standard milled wood trim piece to cover the gap between the window frame and masonry (or siding material).

Gable Roofs

  1. Corner Boards: Used as trim for the external corners of a house or other frame structure against which the ends of the siding are finished.
  2. We provide buying guides and information on exterior vinyl, wood, and aluminum house siding installation; and serve as a gateway for requesting cost prices.
  3. R oof ridge vents and underlayments for wood roofing and siding.
  4. Only wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council is used for millwork, ceilings, siding, and framing. (Web site)
  5. Wood clapboards (often grooved German siding) sheathe these houses which are covered with hipped or gable roofs. (Web site)


  1. Vinyl siding is available in varying widths and with smooth or textured panels.
  2. This siding varies in butt thickness from - to - inch and in widths up to 12 inches.


  1. This siding can be installed over most existing sidings and rigid foam insulation.
  2. The existing wall fabric is further damaged by the nailing necessary to apply siding. (Web site)


  1. Look for cracks and holes in the mortar, foundation, and siding, and seal them with the appropriate material.
  2. In that case, you'll need to install a rake, soffit, and siding, but it will look better than if you don't perfectly align the roofs. (Web site)


  1. He chose reclaimed cypress shingle siding and trim that will weather to match the bark of adjacent trees.
  2. Asbestos Shingles - A shingling material made up of a nonconducting, fireproof mineral used in roofing and siding.
  3. Square - A unit of measure-100 square feet-usually applied to roofing and siding material.
  4. Tongue and Groove - A type of wooden siding with the edge of one board fitting into the groove of the next.
  5. Add stucco siding and a porch with stone columns, and the house resembles a Craftsman Bungalow. (Web site)


  1. These accents can cover seams, enclose eaves or overhangs, and provide an accent to the siding.
  2. The siding is hung starting at the bottom and each layer will overlap the piece below.
  3. Jimmy's Cypress Manufacturing and marketing cypress and pine siding and planking in a variety of styles. (Web site)


  1. We specialize in siding, roofing, and window replacement.
  2. Research casement window manufacturers.Seamless vinyl siding and conventional siding sales & installation by Morris .


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