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  1. No signings are expected until Lorenzo's decision has been made at the factory outfit.

Quick Look

  1. In Episode 5, I take a quick look at the 5 new signings the RailHawks recently announced and we look closely at one of those signings, Chris Carrieri.

Silly Season

  1. Silly season keeps happening earlier and earlier every year, and I think NASCAR needs to look into implementing some restrictions on signings like Kahne’s.


  1. Not many clubs in the world have the funds available to afford one of the three major signings made by Real Madrid over the summer.
  2. In the summer of 1998 Dave Wolverton broke the world record for the most book signings in one sitting, which he achieved with A Very Strange Trip.


  1. The National Hockey League (NHL) does not allow the signing of players under the age of 18, but the WHA had no rules regarding such signings.


  1. When Francis was appointed manager of Premiership side QPR in 1991, one of his first signings was Holloway, for a fee of £230,000 in August 1991.
  2. As one of the first major signings to the new Stax Records, Angie Stone has found a home, and is diva-ready.

Latter Half

  1. The signings in the early 1950s formed the nucleus of the Real Madrid team, which would dominate the latter half of the decade and beyond.


  1. Ferguson made several major signings at in the 1987–88 season, including Steve Bruce, Viv Anderson, Brian McClair and Jim Leighton.


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  1. The highlight of the season was a 6–3 win over Manchester United at the Dell in October, when both his signings scored twice.
  2. He defied the odds by guiding them to a respectable thirteenth place in the Premiership next season with the help of some astute signings.


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