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  1. Simone Denkinger is a successful biathlon athlete from Sch--nwald.

Simone Denkinger

  1. Simone Denkinger of Germany skiing in women individual race of e.on Ruhrgas IBU Biathlon World Cup.
  2. Winner of the women's race was Simone Denkinger ahead of Katrin Apel and Martina Glagow.
  3. Kati Wilhelm finished on place two in sprint and Simone Denkinger became fourth placed in pursuit.
  4. Uschi Disl and Simone Denkinger could reach further top ten rankings finishing on places six and nine.
  5. Simone Denkinger (Gosheim), with two penalty loops on place 21 and Katja Beer (Altenberg) on rank 35 have been the further German starters.
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