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  1. A simple API is provided to easily write programs that: Connect to any FTP server. (Web site)


  1. It provides a simple API to rapidly generate dynamic data driven charts, graphs and custom content, which will run on any standard Internet browser. (Web site)

Gold Standard

  1. SAX, the Simple API for XML, is the gold standard of XML APIs. (Web site)


  1. In a previous column, we covered the basics of the Simple API for XML (SAX) and the modules that implement that interface in Perl. (Web site)

Web Servers

  1. It's a simple API supported by virtually all Web servers and even load-balancing, fault-tolerant Application Servers. (Web site)


  1. To secure the information that you are sending, we have added a simple API to encrypt and decrypt buffers, strings, or files.
  2. Simple API allows sending and receiving email, including HTML and MIME attachments.

Ftp Protocol

  1. FTP client component library: Simple API, direct control of FTP protocol. (Web site)

Manipulating Xml

  1. Along with Jason Hunter, he recently founded the JDOM project, which provides a simple API for manipulating XML from Java applications.


  1. SAX is not called the Simple API for XML for nothing, it is really simple. (Web site)

Command Line Interface

  1. PMC: Apache Commons Apache Commons CLI Commons CLI provides a simple API for presenting, proecessing and validating a command line interface. (Web site)


  1. Download files (with FTP Client Engine for Delphi The FTP Client Library uses a simple API to easily write programs that: Connect to any FTP server.
  2. The FTP client library uses a simple API to easily write GUI or console mode programs that: * Connect to any FTP server. (Web site)


  1. To identify situations where Simple API for XML (SAX) parsing can be used.


  1. SAX (Simple API for XML) support is also provided compliant with the SAX 1.0 specification.
  2. The Simple API for XML (SAX) is a serial access parser API for XML. SAX provides a mechanism for reading data from an XML document. (Web site)
  3. SAX (Simple API for XML) is a common parser interface for XML parsers. (Web site)


  1. SAX (Simple API for XML) like DOM gives access to the information stored in XML documents using any programming language (and a parser for that language). (Web site)
  2. SAX (Simple API for XML) is the primary generic event-based programming interface between an XML parser and an XML application. (Web site)
  3. SAX (Simple API for XML) is a de facto standard that defines a convention for parsers to report the logical contents to an application. (Web site)

Simple Api

  1. In order for your programs to access this information you can use the SAX (Simple API for XML) or the DOM (Document Object Model) APIs. (Web site)
  2. There are at least two ways to parse an XML document: using a DOM (Document Object Model) parser and using a SAX (Simple API for XML) parser. (Web site)
  3. In the XML world we often fined two widely used parsers; SAX (Simple API for XML) and DOM (Document Object Model). (Web site)


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