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  1. A Single hitch is a type of knot. (Web site)
  2. The single hitch is described in "Ashley's Book of Knots" as knot number 50.
  3. The single hitch is an ancient, non-jamming knot.

Rapid Hitch

  1. If you tow multiple trailers, and want a single hitch that can keep all of them level, then you need the Rapid Hitch.


  1. Several variations are described by Ashley in his "Book of Knots", including the use of a single hitch by itself (ABOK # 1594, page 284).

Standing Part

  1. Push the single hitch to the right until it is flush against a vertical surface and maintain a pull to the right on the standing part of the rope.

Standing End

  1. The single hitch can be undone immediately by releasing the load and shaking the standing end.

Nylon Rope

  1. A single hitch tied around a pole with nylon rope.

Single Hitch

  1. Single hitch or half hitch is a type of knot.
  2. Half Hitch - A single hitch made with one end round its own standing part.
  3. It is a close relative of the overhand-knot and the Marline Hitch or Single Hitch If used as noose it is best to add an overhand-knot in the end. (Web site)


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