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  1. Sledge was able to turn this revived popularity into a successful career by touring constantly, playing over 100 shows a year into the '90s.
  2. The sledge was shaped like a great golden swan, and between the swan's wings lay the little Princess herself.
  3. Robert Sledge is a bassist, best known for his work with Ben Folds Five.
  4. Robert Sledge is currently putting together a new group and producing bands in his Chapel Hill, North Carolina studio.
  5. Like the sledge, the travois was used by Native Americans before any use of wheels was known to them.

Expedition Personnel

  1. The ship's crew and the expedition personnel endured an epic journey by sledge across the Weddell Sea pack and then boat to Elephant Island.

Sledge Flags

  1. After this most sledge flags tended to be of a similar style; the personal flag of a sledge commander, rather than the flag of the sledge, or its crew.

Ice Sledge Hockey

  1. The differences that have been created into the game of ice sledge hockey are modified for the athlete and their sledges.


  1. King Halvdan Svarte ended his life in 860 by going through the ice on Randsfjorden with his men, his horse and sledge.
  2. It is a heavy, draft type bred for Ban-ei Keiba race in which the horse pulls a heavy sledge.

Final Episode

  1. In the final moments of the final episode, Sledge asks Dori to marry him, but then claims he was only kidding.

Nearest Town

  1. During the winter season, the tourists from the nearest town of Belitsa arrive at the complex by sledge.

Great Day

  1. If you want a great day out for kids, wait until it gets hot and dry for a couple of days in summer, take sledge and head for Merthyr Mawr.


  1. I am the UR-KHERP-HEM priest on the day of placing the Henu Boat of Seker upon its divine sledge.


  1. Mickie with a double leg take down followed by punches and a clothesline and double sledge.


  1. One current theory speculates that the stones were dragged by roller and sledge from the inland Preseli Hills to the sea at Milford Haven.


  1. At Atlantic, he collaborated with a virtual who's who of soul: Charles, Pickett, Sledge, Redding, Franklin, Sam and Dave.

Sledge Hockey

  1. Sledge hockey is a form of ice hockey designed for players with physical disabilities affecting their lower bodies.
  2. Competition in winter sports: Alpine (downhill) events, cross country skiing, sledge hockey, biathlon, and wheelchair curling.


  1. In sledge hockey, players use their sticks not only to pass, stickhandle and shoot the puck but also to maneuver their sledges.
  2. Sledge Hockey is a variant of ice hockey using sledges to allow participants to move about the rink at high speeds whilst controlling and hitting a puck.


  1. Canada is the most recognized international leader in the development of the sport of sledge hockey and equipment for players.
  2. Cook, 22, played last year for Canada in both the world championship and world sledge hockey challenge.


  1. This skate symbolizes all the disciplines found in the Winter Games: a ski run, a sledge or bobsleigh and the blade of a skate.


  1. Sledge recorded at Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama, where he frequently sang songs written by Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn.

Muscle Shoals

  1. Duane frequently traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and played backup guitar with such great singers as Aretha Franklin, King Curtis and Percy Sledge.


  1. I am the great chief of the work on the day of the placing of the hennu boat of Seker upon its sledge.
  2. One end of the stick has a sharp pick that the players use to propel the sledge, the other has a curved blade to pass and shoot the puck.
  3. The capital city is planned to host a selected part of winter sports, including ice skating, short track, bobsleigh, sledge and curling.


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