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  1. A soil profile is a cross section through the soil which reveals its horizons (layers).
  2. A soil profile is the sequence of natural layers, or horizons, in a soil.
  3. Soil profile is a WPCD candidate article, soil horizon is not. (Web site)
  4. The soil profile is one of the most important concepts in soil science.
  5. The Soil Profile is a newsletter providing information on issues relating to soils and plant nutrition in New Jersey.

Soil Classification

  1. The Russian system of soil classification, from which most others derive, is based on the distinctive horizons of the soil profile. (Web site)

Soil Order

  1. The system was mainly based on descriptions of soil profile s and contains 10 main classes with 47 subtypes (see Soil Order). (Web site)


  1. The most qualified specialists in the world can and do spend hours during a field trip at each soil profile, arguing about the classification.


  1. A soil horizon is a layer within a soil profile differentiated by chemical and physical characteristics.
  2. The development and distribution of color in a soil profile result from chemical and biological weathering, especially redox reactions. (Web site)


  1. The composition of these individual soil horizons, and their relationship with the soil profile is key to understanding behavior. (Web site)

Shallow Water

  1. This shallow water table excludes oxygen and so creates a reducing environment, especially in the upper part of the soil profile.

Valuable Information

  1. A soil profile can also reveal other valuable information, including evidence of compaction, water logging, root penetration, and so on. (Web site)

Six Layers

  1. There are six layers to the soil profile.

Soil Moisture

  1. During gley soil formation (a process known as Gleying), the oxygen supply in the soil profile is restricted due to soil moisture at saturation.


  1. Geologists and pedologists use soil profile features to establish the duration of surface stability in the context of geologic faults or slope stability.

Organic Matter

  1. They are typically light in color as there is little vegetation to add organic matter to the soil profile.

Different Layers

  1. Similar things are done for hydraulic conductivity from different layers of the same texture class in a soil profile.


  1. Soils often show the effects of translocation of clay and dissolved substances because of the downward movement of water through the soil profile. (Web site)
  2. If the water table rises too high, then natural soil evaporation will begin to draw the salts back upward into the soil profile. (Web site)


  1. Dissipation in the topsoil, mobility within the soil profile and leaching of pesticides were studied for a period of 28 days after application.
  2. These crops use residual soil nitrogen from the preceding crop fertilization that might be lost from the upper soil profile by leaching.


  1. Acidification occurs when these elements are removed from the soil profile by normal rainfall, or the harvesting of forest or agricultural crops.
  2. Acidification occurs when these elements are removed from the soil profile by normal rainfall or the harvesting of crops.


  1. In medium-textured soils, clay can tend to move downward through the soil profile to accumulate as illuvium in the subsoil.


  1. Students identify the horizons of a soil profile at a soil characterization site, then measure and record the top and bottom depth for each horizon. (Web site)
  2. The following horizons are listed by their position from top to bottom within the soil profile.

Soil Profile

  1. Geologists use soil profile A soil profile is a cross section through the soil which reveals its horizons (layers).
  2. Soil genesis involves processes that develop layers or horizons in the soil profile.
  3. Both water and air components of soils are important to plant growth and other life in the soil profile of a particular ecosystem.


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