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  1. Speakeasy is a leader in the broadband-enabled gaming community and has provided related services to its subscribers and general consumers since 1999. (Web site)
  2. Speakeasy is a modular system in which many of the modules have multiple uses and can serve a variety of radio types.
  3. Speakeasy is a nationwide provider of broadband voice and data services.
  4. Speakeasy is a modular, reconfigurable radio system that will provide near-seamless communication abilities for our joint-Service and allied operations.
  5. Speakeasy is a fairly well known player and they do offer dedicated servers.


  1. The whole band used to drink a lot of alcohol, and they often visited a club in London called the Speakeasy that the band's manager, Roy Flynn, also managed. (Web site)

Customer Service

  1. To meet their needs, Speakeasy began delivering its now legendary commitment to customer service along with pioneering technologies and product offerings.


  1. By 1924, he was working in a speakeasy operated by Al Capone.


  1. Speakeasy, rated NUMBER 1 by in customer satisfaction, offers the highest quality broadband internet access in the world. (Web site)


  1. Speakeasy will present its innovative Voice over IP (VoIP) services for residential and business customers in the Apple Specialist demonstration theater.


  1. For more information: (Web site)


  1. For more information about Speakeasy, visit (Web site)
  2. Apgar, who co-founded Speakeasy in 1994 as an Internet cafe, isn't sure how his company made it this far.


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