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  1. Stages is a new must-read publication for members only.
  2. A Stages is designed for use by both professionals and parents with both child- and adult-level learners.
  3. Stages are often labeled using Roman numerals I through IV (1-4). In general, the lower the number, the less the cancer has spread.
  4. Stages are primarily defined by a consistent set of fossils (biostratigraphy) or a consistent magnetic polarity (see paleomagnetism) in the rock.
  5. These stages are categorized as the periods of embryogenesis (cleavage and gastrulation) and organogenesis (formation of organs and organ systems).


  1. Diagnosis. We can learn much about our progress against cancer by looking at the rates of new cancer cases (incidence) and cancers diagnosed at late stages.

Heart Failure

  1. In the later stages of the disease, the patient has severe dyspnea, cyanosis, and heart failure.
  2. In the earliest stages of heart failure, you may not have any symptoms.
  3. One theory is that elevated levels of IL-2R in patients with class IV CHF suggest that T lymphocytes play a role in advanced stages of heart failure.


  1. For example, the discovery of an HCC in the early stages allows for the most options for treatment, including liver resection and liver transplantation.
  2. In the late stages of certain types of hepatitis (not hepatitis B, generally), liver transplantation may be required to preserve life.
  3. In its advanced stages, the only option for cirrhosis is liver transplantation.


  1. For patients in early stages of PBC, UDCA treatment may normalize survival.
  2. For this reason, mesothelioma is often diagnosed in later stages of development, which severely complicates treatment and chances of survival.
  3. It is typically used in late stages to reduce symptoms and, in some cases, extend survival.


  1. Studies have shown that chemotherapy after surgery can increase the survival rate for patients with some stages of colon cancer.
  2. Surgery (removing the cancer in an operation) is the most common treatment for all stages of colon cancer.
  3. Even when diagnosed at later stages, new colon cancer treatments are improving survival for people with more advanced disease.


  1. Because there are often no symptoms in the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, your vision may not be affected until the disease becomes severe.
  2. Because rabies isn’t age-related, mammals at all stages of life can be affected with the same degree of severity.
  3. In some animals, such as the monkey, over 50% of neurons in the cerebral cortex are affected by PCD during early stages of life.


  1. Yes. If diabetic retinopathy is detected in the early stages, treatment will help minimize the chance of developing substantial vision loss.
  2. It has some benefit against muscle rigidity and slowness and may help some patients in advanced stages who are unresponsive to other drugs.
  3. Memory aids may help in the day-to-day living of patients in the earlier stages of dementia.


  1. Oxygen is helping to kill all kinds of anaerobic bacteria thus some people will notice a foul smell in the initial stages of cleansing.
  2. Golf is in its early stages of development in Bulgaria and I am keen to be involved in helping develop the sport in the country.

Tooth Decay

  1. Pain may not be present until the advanced stages of tooth decay.
  2. Fluoride applied to the teeth helps to remineralise the teeth and reverse the initial stages of tooth decay.
  3. Not only do dental sealants prevent tooth decay from emerging, they also can halt existing decay in its earliest stages.


  1. The number of macrophages increases with the progression of caries and is always higher than that of DCs at all stages of the caries invasion.
  2. The presentation of caries is highly variable; however, the risk factors and stages of development are similar.
  3. Most dental caries are discovered in the early stages during routine checkups.


  1. But if not dealt within the early stages, periodontal disease can lead to receding gums, lost teeth and chronic bad breath.
  2. Fluoride also puts back minerals that are lost from teeth and can reverse the early stages of tooth decay.
  3. On the other hand, few home treatments are also efficient in regaining the shine of your teeth but they can only help in the initial stages.


  1. The inflammation may damage the thyroid gland, so that in later stages the disease is characterized by transient or permanent underactivity (hypothyroidism).
  2. In all stages of syphilis, proper treatment will cure the disease, but in late syphilis, damage already done to body organs cannot be reversed.
  3. Regular dental checkups are important to detect damage in the early stages.


  1. Hec-Cdx expression is initiated at the earliest stages of gastrulation.
  2. Perhaps the first major induction phenomenon occurs during the final stages of gastrulation of most animal embryos.


  1. Tom to the embryonic stages of development and onto the spread of Catholic Scouting throughout the parishes of Ireland.
  2. The developmental approach examines how the form of the brain changes during the progression from embryonic to adult stages.
  3. The spider life cycle progresses through three stages: the embryonic, the larval, and the nympho-imaginal.


  1. LOX and liquid hydrogen, used in the Space Shuttle, the Centaur upper stage, the newer Delta IV rocket, and most stages of the European Ariane rockets.

Atp Levels

  1. ATP decays relatively quickly, even when not used as an energy source, these stages provide the required simple and fast regulation of ATP levels.

Atrial Systole

  1. Every single 'beat' of the heart involves three major stages: atrial systole, ventricular systole and complete cardiac diastole.

Analysis Shows

  1. Our analysis shows that the internet may not be a threat to traditional newsprint especially since it is still in its early stages of development.
  2. The analysis shows that the development of social services in Western capitalist countries went through three different stages.


  1. Treatment is often not needed in the early stages of CLL. CLL usually gets worse very slowly, and you may have no symptoms for some time.
  2. The World Health Organization considers CLL and SLL to be "one disease at different stages, not two separate entities".


  1. Stages are: HB, hatched blastula; MB, mesenchyme blastula; EG, early gastrula; LG, late gastrula; PR, prism.
  2. Very faint broad expression was detected from the blastula through gastrula stages.


  1. The zygote undergoes progressive stages of mitosis and differentiation to create an embryo, the early stage of human life.
  2. The fetal stage starts at the beginning of the 9th week following fertilization, after the zygote, blastocyst, and embryonic stages.


  1. The teachings covered every topic in the progressive stages to attain enlightenment.
  2. The vajra guru gives students initiations, tantric vows and teachings on the two stages of tantra—the generation and completion stages.
  3. Kūkai also systematized and categorized the teachings he inherited from Huiguo into ten stages or levels of spiritual realisation.


  1. By the time most patients are diagnosed with lung cancer, many have passed the curable stages of the disease.
  2. Colon cancer can almost always be caught in its earliest and most curable stages by colonoscopy.
  3. In some cases, the Hemoccult test will show hidden blood in the stool in early curable stages of colon cancer.

Memorial Hall

  1. The motion was passed at all stages by the TUC, and the proposed conference was held at the Memorial Hall on Farringdon Street on 26 and 27 February 1900.


  1. For the most advanced stages of cervical cancer, treatment is initiated despite the pregnancy.


  1. Fusion between these cells seems to be important for some fungi during early stages of colony establishment.
  2. Ascites might develop in the later stages of colon cancer with spread of cancer cells into the free abdominal cavity.
  3. The zygote and the cells at the very early stages following fertilization (i.e., the 2-cell stage) are considered totipotent.


  1. This work identifies the time of birth and early stages in the maturation of ependymal cells and demonstrates that these cells are derived from radial glia.
  2. There are several types and different stages of maturation for these cells.
  3. Expression array analyses have been performed on five stages of development during the maturation of the perithecia (Hallen et al., 2007).


  1. Edwards and Kahne ran 1-2 the rest of the way, as Edwards was as dominant in the late stages of the race as Kahne had been early on.
  2. Some stages on the way to self-redemption are preparatory (meditation, body harmony, releasing self-healing energies).
  3. They are eight degrees of self-inanition, and apparently eight stages on the way to nirvana.


  1. There is chairlift and cable car system which takes visitors up to Patriata Ridge in two stages from Gulehra Gali.


  1. In the last stages of embryogenesis, Hsp23 expression becomes restricted to the three surviving midline glia of the CNS (Fig.
  2. The basic mushroom body structure, including the denritic calyx, peduncle, and lobes, was already visible by the late stages of embryogenesis.


  1. ZYGOTE - An embryo in the early stages of development.
  2. It continues to divide, producing more cells and passing through the stages of embryo and fetus.
  3. Blastomere: a type of cell produced by division of the embryo in the early stages of life.


  1. The zoea spends its life in the plankton, moulting as it grows through the various stages of larval development.


  1. Metamorphosis usually proceeds in distinct stages, starting with larva or nymph, optionally passing through pupa, and ending as adult.
  2. Ticks have four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, nymph and adult.

Ascent Stages

  1. On the Lunar Module, the fuel and oxidizer tanks were enlarged on both the descent and ascent stages and the engine bell on the descent stage was extended.
  2. Your question refers specifically to the fate of the ascent stages of the LMs except in the cases of Apollo 10 and 13 (see below).

Ascent Stage

  1. The spacecraft consisted of two attached stages, an ascent stage mounted on top of a descent stage.
  2. It carried two crewmembers and consisted of two stages, a descent and an ascent stage.


  1. In the early stages, most treatment involves scaling and root planing-removing plaque and calculus around the tooth and smoothing the root surfaces.
  2. Gingivitis is entirely reversible but, if left unchecked, can often progress to later stages and cause tooth loss and even serious health complications.
  3. You can see early stages of this irritation in the red line and slight rounding of the gum where it meets the tooth (See the photo on the left above).

Tooth Development

  1. The pulp is a collection of blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics, which help to form the tooth during the stages of tooth development.
  2. Tooth development is commonly divided into the following stages: the bud stage, the cap, the bell, and finally maturation.
  3. Any aberrations in the different stages of tooth development can result in unique manifestations.


  1. Your dentist then will place a putty-like composite resin in stages on the natural surface of the tooth, then shape and sculpt it.
  2. If you see a dentist in the earliest stages of this condition, the tooth may be saved with a root canal.
  3. It is wise to visit your dental hygienist or dentist regularly in order to detect early stages of the disease and to prevent further damage.

Bleaching Treatment

  1. Tooth sensitivity often occurs during the early stages of bleaching treatment, but usually lessens as the treatment continues.
  2. Tooth sensitivity often occurs during early stages of the bleaching treatment.
  3. Tooth sensitivity frequently occurs throughout the first stages of bleaching treatment.


  1. In the early stages of dental disease, the problems may be reversible.
  2. Although the first two stages of injury are usually reversible, alcoholic cirrhosis is not.
  3. Such damage is often reversible, particularly in the early stages, with diet, exercise and weight loss.


  1. This sounds quite similar to a description of AIDS. Later stages of HIV infection are often associated with neutropenia as well as low CD4 counts.
  2. Thrush due to T-cell dysfunction is the most common opportunistic infection in HIV affecting 80-90% of all patients with advanced stages of HIV infection.
  3. Swiss biochemists are studying silver's ability to interrupt the cellular replication of HIV at various stages.

Hiv Disease

  1. Bone marrow abnormalities are found in all stages of HIV disease, increasing in frequency as the disease progresses.
  2. TB may be the first indication that a person is HIV-infected, and often occurs in areas outside the lungs, particularly in the later stages of HIV disease.
  3. However, PN usually occurs in the later stages of HIV disease, and many people experience mild or no symptoms.

Nervous System

  1. Advanced stages of the disease cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system and lead to diarrhea and nausea.
  2. It has been estimated that in the nervous system of the adult human being there are about 11,000 millions of these neurones in various stages of development.

Complete Paralysis

  1. In later stages, the virus may attack the nervous system, bringing about seizures, twitching, or partial or complete paralysis.
  2. Later stages of distemper include partial or complete paralysis as well as twitching.
  3. In advanced stages, seizures, twitching, partial or complete paralysis may occur if the virus attacks the nervous system.

Middle Stages

  1. Fortunately, gum disease in the early to middle stages can usually be stopped by practicing good hygiene and dental treatment.
  2. He followed this up with a race win, holding off a challenge from Fernando Alonso despite struggling for pace in the middle stages of the race.
  3. The answer is that many people don't realize they have gum disease because it doesn't hurt in the early to middle stages.

Developmental Stages

  1. After confirmation of their developmental stages, the eggs at stages 1 and 3 were selected, rinsed in distilled water, and transferred into PCR tubes.
  2. The materials in a cell wall vary between species, and in plants and fungi also differ between cell types and developmental stages.
  3. In such instances, the developmental stages of the parasite seen on blood smear may help to assess disease severity better than parasite count alone.


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