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  1. State machines are introduced as refinements of schemas with duration calculus constraints.
  2. Finite state machines are a class of automata studied in automata theory and the theory of computation. (Web site)
  3. Abstract state machines are rephrased as objects with local state.

Memory Chunks

  1. XPath evaluator 210 may create other memory chunks for use with the other state machines. (Web site)

Xpath Expressions

  1. For example, XPath evaluator 210 may comprise other state machines compiled from other XPath expressions. (Web site)


  1. In this paper, an operational semantics for a subset of UML state machines is proposed which is based on graph transformation. (Web site)

State Machines

  1. In the second step, the operational semantics of state machines is defined. (Web site)
  2. Software design languages and tools, such as UML, ROOM, and STATE-MATE, have employed variations of state machines.
  3. These constraints can be provided in the form of OCL-like expressions annotating the specification or by means of state machines, stereotyped as observers.


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