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  1. Steve Bruce was asked to speak by Tom Ross and upon approaching the mic, the Blues fans burst into a Fabrice Muamba song.

Brian Mcclair

  1. During the close season Ferguson made expensive new signings including Viv Anderson, Steve Bruce and Brian McClair. (Web site)


  1. Denis Irwin is a prime example and Steve Bruce never got a cap when he should have done.

Second Time

  1. This is the second time this silly season that Steve Bruce has cruelly reversed a move for an Egyptian from Daniel Levy.

Birmingham City

  1. Steve Bruce has revealed that Birmingham City have rejected an approach from Bolton Wanderers for his services.


  1. In his first full season, Ferguson guided United to a League runners-up position as new signings Viv Anderson, Steve Bruce and Brian McClair made their mark. (Web site)


  1. After safeguarding Wigan's survival in 1997-98, he accepted the assistant manager's job at Sheffield United and for one season worked under Steve Bruce. (Web site)
  2. During the close season Ferguson signed Brian McClair, and Steve Bruce arrived during the season. (Web site)

Steve Bruce

  1. Ferguson made several major signings at in the 1987–88 season, including Steve Bruce, Viv Anderson, Brian McClair and Jim Leighton.
  2. Others, such as Martin Jol (Tottenham) and Steve Bruce (Birmingham) concede they are vulnerable, albeit for different reasons.


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